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I'm sure many of you IT guys have experienced this.  I took a call from a printer supply guy and he said that he saw that I had 6 toner cartridges ready to be shipped.  I didn't .  So he says they are coming my way.  I told him I don't know what he is talking about and then told him not to send them and I don't want them.  I said goodbye.  3 days later the cartridges show up in a box.  What can I do about this?  I know if I call them up and wait for an RA # it probably won't come.  Can't get a hold of anyone at the company.  No voice mail either.  They are called Corporate Distributors INC.  Can I just put return to sender and be done with it?
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i've dealt with those pushy printer supply calls numerous times.    

If that happened to me, if they didn't have my credit card info, i'd throw it in the trash.      

For anybody that cares to know,   I've found a off-brand ink that costs me $1 a cartridge.    For typical email printing/LQ printing, it's been great (for about 2 years now, times 18 printers).   Now i'm not advertising ink here, but the reason i bring this up, is when one of those ink calls comes to me, i mention that i'm paying $1 a cartridge and their typical response is that they can't compete with it.   After telling them this, the call is usually over in 30 seconds, voluntarily by them.

Definitely wait for more experts here to respond.       This is the type of question that you should get many opinions.
My opinion, which I would apply to any product/supplies, is this:
- I would try to contact them several times in different ways. Let's say 3-4 times per week, 2 weeks. If no answer then I would try again in 4 weeks as their last chance. After that, I would try to contact them anymore.
- I would try email, telephone, web and fax.
- Mark the date and the time each time for the records.
- If comes to return, then they must pay the transport back to their warehouse. If they not agree then you do not send the goods back.
- If you have an account with them, then lakes sure are not automatic withdrawals of money.
- If there is no contract, account, binding of any type. Then just wait, in case they do not answer, max. 2 months. Then do what you want with the goods.
The main problem would be if you have no storage space for them. Under such circumstances you should ask them to pay you fee as for warehouse, as long as there is no records of any product request from your side.
If you do not know the company, then you must be polite in the beginning, open to discussions, trying to hekp. But they do not answer then you have no time to spend of things which you did not request and is your turn to show them that you do not care.
Have in mind that maybe is a mistake, wrong address delivery, new be patient first and put the gods aside for a while.

Speak with your colleagues/boss to see if somebody else ordered them or agreed to be ordered. Check your internal database for PO or even payments, contacts of any kind with the supplier names.

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just a silly question - do you have an account or payment method held by that company? If it's an account, conveniently misplace the invoice, (let your accounts dept know) and wait for the supplier to scream. Then respond with a request for return of goods RA, and give your reason as the goods were not ordered, and so you are returning them.
what happened in the end?
mkramer777Author Commented:
called them like 10 times and they finally got sick of me and gave me a RA #
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