Dell Inspiron 2310 Second Monitor

I have been told by Dell Sales support that it is possible to connect a second monitor to my Dell Inspiron One 2310.

They also said that i could not use my Dell Insiron 2310 as as seond moniter to a laptop

The HDMI and VGA ports are input;

Are Dell correct?

If not, what ports/cables do I need, or is it not pssible to connect a second monitor.
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When looking at the manual I found for the 2305, which seems to be similar to the 2310, it looks as if Dell are wrong. To connect an external display you probably need to get a USB graphic adapter, and that is probably not worth the price.

But you should be able to use the HDMI and VGA ports to connect your laptop to the display. One thing though, is that in that manual it shows "optional" next to those two ports, which could mean that these features aren't enabled by default. Maybe you would have had to order the PC with those options enabled, or there could be some additional module you'd have to install into the system to enable them.

But of course there is no harm in first trying. The cable you'd need would depend on what outpute your laptop has. If it has an HDMI output I'd go for an HDMI cable, as that also carries the audio signal.
advfinanceAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your time

Seems to be simiilar
is not enough to actually go and by another monitor. I already have a Dell 2310

I would like to contact Dell Tech support, rather than their sales team, but I do not have a valid support contract.

Generally opinion on the Internet says that connecting a second monitor is not possible.

Dell say it is - can a Dell techie confirm or refute this?
I didn't say you should buy another monitor. That isn't supported anyway (at least not without a USB display card like I mentioned above).

But you can always try connect another PC to the VGA port or HDMI port of the inspiron. All you need for that is either an HDMI cable, or a VGA cable, depending on what type of output your PC has.

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I second the motion for a USB video adapter. There are a lot on the market and its pretty well established technology. I use one myself.
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