Moving Average with Multiple Criteria in MS Access

Hello Expert,

Can someone please help me with Moving Average with Multiple Criteria in MS Access.  I have ID field, month and amount.  I need access query to calculate 3 months moving average of the amount based on ID and MONTH as a fourth field.  The average needs to take into account the id and the date.  At every ID change i want the 3 months rolling average to start over.  Here is my example data:

ID      Month      Amount
581      2/1/2014      25868.09
581      3/1/2014      26802.28
581      4/1/2014      188104.21
581      5/1/2014      28287.91
331      2/1/2014      13329.73
331      3/1/2014      92683.86
331      4/1/2014      52038.82
331      5/1/2014      12445.06
365      2/1/2014      115772.8
365      3/1/2014      103212.42
365      4/1/2014      104874.87
365      5/1/2014      65564.38
738      2/1/2014      98232.24
738      3/1/2014      36660.88
738      4/1/2014      48719.59
738      5/1/2014      39901.64
901      2/1/2014      39464.73
901      3/1/2014      40187.85
901      4/1/2014      102446.54
901      5/1/2014      40110.11

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Dale FyeCommented:
I think this should provide what you are looking for.  I've added a column to indicate how many months are in the moving average.

SELECT T1.ID, T1.[Month], T1.Amount
, Avg(T2.Amount) as MovAvg, Count(T2.Amount) as MonthsInAvg
FROM yourTable as T1
LEFT JOIN yourTable as T2
ON T1.ID = T2.ID
WHERE T2.[Month] <= T1.[Month]
AND T2.[Month] >= DateAdd("m", -2, T1.[Month])
GROUP BY T1.ID, T1.[Month], T1.Amount

BTW, Month is a reserved word, I would not use it as the name of a field in one of your tables.

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fb1990Author Commented:
Thank you so much.  It worked as expected.  Also, thank you for the advice on the reserved word.
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