VWIC3 Card

Hi ;
Cisco just stopped shipping VWIC2 Wan cards and replaced them w/ VWIC3 cards. Please comment if we card do MFR bonding of 2xE1 w/ VWIC2 and VWIC3 cards on the same router?
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Craig BeckCommented:
Anything you could previously do with the VWIC2 can be done with the VWIC3, and if the VWIC3 will work in the router the VWIC2 will also work in the same router simultaneously providing you have enough WIC slots.

This explanation in Cisco's support forum might also help...


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totaramAuthor Commented:
Looking at the link that you provided, seems to me that we can not use the VWIC2 and VWIC3 simultaneosly...
Craig BeckCommented:
It looked to me like you can.  Which bit makes you think otherwise?
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totaramAuthor Commented:
I meant for ISR-G1 routers...
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, yes you are right if you're referring solely to G1s.  The VWIC3 will only work in a G2, but as I say, if the VWIC3 will work in the router the VWIC2 will also work in the same router simultaneously.
totaramAuthor Commented:
Thank you...
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