WPF positioning of control relative to parent

I have a window with a background image over which I need to position two buttons.

The window currently contains a grid - but it can be any panel as all I need are the buttons.

Because this will run on different screen sizes the background image will stretch to fill the screen so absolute positioning of the buttons is not going to work.

I am looking for something like the html

margin: 20% auto 0 auto; // 20% of screen height top margin and centering horizontally.

Is there something in XAML that natively supports this?

Currently I am writing code in the ContentRendered handler to get screen height and width and apply margins to the buttons with code.

Is this the only way?
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Julian HansenAsked:
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If it's already a grid, and you don't have many other controls in the grid (which could interfere), you can use a combination of button alignment and grid rowdefinitions.

For the height in percentage, you can add two row definitions, one with height *, one with heigh 4* (equaling 20% and 80%).  Then set the buttons horizontal alignement to center, vertical alignment to top, and put it in the second row.

            <RowDefinition Height="*" />
            <RowDefinition Height="4*" />
        <Button HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Top" Grid.Row="1" >Button Text</Button>

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Just to cover the base of your question though, if your requirements were more complex, using ContentRendered is generally a last resort, especially just for positioning.

Have a look at ValueConverters:

What you would do in this case, is bind the button's margin to the parent's ActualHeight, and implement a custom ValueConverter, which would translate the height value passed in, into a Thickness value to be returned with the top as the calculated percentage.
Note that it's important to use ActualHeight on the binding instead of Height.
Julian HansenAuthor Commented:
Thank you - both answers are equally useful as I will be using both in the project (not on the same window).

Selection of accepted solution was arbitary and based purley on chronological order of the posts.
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