Cisco WLC 2504 Connectivity Issue

I have a new Cisco WLC 2504 and 2 3602 APs....  I am trying to set this up in a home that currently has a cable modem internet connection which is giving out DHCP, and an UNMANAGED netgear switch.

My question is with the VLANs and tagging and connectivity.

I will have the 2 APs and the WLC connected to the switch as well as the internet.  How do I configure the management interface?  If I select VLAN Identifier 0 than I believe that is untagged and will need to be connectyed to a trunk port which I do not have the option for with unmanaged switch.

Please help?
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BSModlinAuthor Commented:
Also, is it possible to connect the APs directly to the WLC?
Craig BeckCommented:
What exactly are you trying to do?  Are you trying to separate the management from the wireless users?

You can put the users and the WLC/APs on the same subnet.  The clients won't be able to get to the WLC by default as management-via-wireless is disabled.  As long as you don't enable SSH or Telnet on the APs they're safe too.

Set the management interface to untagged (0) and configure a WLAN to use the management interface.  Set the Primary DHCP server address in the management interface to point to the router and that's it.

You 'could' force all traffic out of a dedicated port on the WLC and connect the APs directly to the 2504 but it's a bit of a pig to get going.  That would let you VLAN the management and APs but you'd not be able to get to the WLC on the same subnet as the router then.

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BSModlinAuthor Commented:
The scenario you described above is exactly what I have done.  One flat subnet.  For some reason the APs will not connect.

So here is the physical layout.

WLC mgmt int - on port 1 plugged into UNMANAGED switch.
Comcast internet router - plugged into same switch.
3602i AP - Plugged into same switch.
WLAN configured to use mgmt int.
DHCP server - (Router)

If i do not see the AP after that what tshooting do you recommend?
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BSModlinAuthor Commented:
Also, a stupid question... will the APs connect if DHCP is not running on the network?  Do they use layer 3 or CDP to find the WLC?

Sorry for the stupid question....
Craig BeckCommented:
It's not a stupid question at all... and besides, this is the place to ask :-)

First question - what version of code do you have on the WLC?

If you don't have DHCP running on the subnet you need to 'prime' the APs by consoling to them and adding a static IP address and WLC IP.
BSModlinAuthor Commented:

Can you please send me the necessary commands to "prime" the APs?

Also, how can I check to see if they are in Lightweight mode?  To make sure they are not configured to act as standalone AP?
Craig BeckCommented:
What part code is printed on the back of the AP?

To prime the APs:

debug capwap console cli
Lwapp ap ip address <IP> <SUBNET MASK>
Lwapp ap ip default-gateway <GATEWAY IP>
Lwapp ap controller ip <WLC IP>

Open in new window

BSModlinAuthor Commented:
AIR-CAP3602i-A-K9 V01.
Craig BeckCommented:
Cool so they're lightweight. You should be able to get them to join the WLC no problem.
BSModlinAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help!!  It was awesome... Got everything working!!
Craig BeckCommented:
My pleasure :-)
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