failed connection to our web host portal and e-mail host

We have a small network with around 5 users.

Our network is connected to the internet via a Draytek router. The internet connection seems to work fine, however, we cannot log in to web host portal, or send and receive e-mail using outlook.

I can connect to our web host when I am away from the office and also via my mobile phone, but whenever anything is connected to our local business network, we have the same problem, no connection.

Our workstations run Windows V7 64 bit, and we also have AVG installed and updated.

We did notice some viruses cropping up, which were removed, and we did have quite a lot of malware, which was also removed, However, I brought in a completely clean laptop which works fine everywhere else, but as soon as it connects to our wifi, the connection problem appears.

Can anyone help in resolving this issue.
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nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
I have just done a blacklist check for our domain name and public IP, but that came back clear.

Any suggestions.
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
I have also just connected my Samsung Galaxy Note to the wifi and tried to connect to the portal and that WORKED JUST FINE.

I just don't get it. :(

Any ideas?
Don ThomsonCommented:
What URL are you trying to connect to the Web Host internally.  If you are using the same URL as you would externally, and you can't connect, I would suspect that your ISP may be blocking connections that originate and terminate on the same IP.  I've seen this many times. They do that to reduce bandwidth usage  where a users is trying to connect to the internal server and should be going direct rather than out to the internet and back in.  A way around it is to set up your host file  on each PC to go to the internal IP rather than the external URL.

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nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
The url for our portal is the same wherever we connect to our portal.  It's what we use to make changes to our email addresses etc. I just noticed that when we tried to connect to it within our local organisation it did not connect, but when my laptop us taken away from site the same url and credentials work just fine.

You might be on to something about them blocking our ip address, but why is a mystery.  We recently changed our passwords on all of our email accounts and since then it's not worked.

I will raise a call to them to check.

Many thanks

nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
Many thanks.

The provider was blocking. We had a problem with one of user accounts, and the firewall blocked the originating IP. As we all use the same IP, all mail was blocked.

Now operational.
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