SSIS and duplicate rows

I download an XML file from the internet every 30 minutes, this XML file is then split up into 5 different tables. This all works fine, however I have now created 5 new tables mirroring the other 5 with _U appended to the name. What I want to do is every time I do this download, I want to wipe the original tables, load the data in and then only move the records that don't exist in the 5 tables with _U into them, so I only want any data duplication in the _U tables.

What is the easiest way to do this with a bit of an example please.
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Jerry MillerCommented:
I would do the insert through either one stored procedure that contains the five insert statements or five stored procedures. It really depends on how you want to separate the inserts. But if you do a NOT EXISTS, it will only insert the records that are not duplicates. Which is what I am assuming that you want. You said in the question that you want the duplicates. If that is the case and you want the duplicates, simply remove the NOT from the criteria.

INSERT <tableName_U> (<fieldNames>)
SELECT <fieldnames>
FROM <tableName> a
   NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM <tableName_U> b
              WHERE a.uniqueID = b.uniqueID)

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