Auto Log off VBscript does not run in scheduled task


I am trying to run this test.vbs file through Windows Task scheduler.

set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

result = objShell.PopUp("You are going to be logged off, please save your work",60,"Logoff required", vbExclamation + vbOKCancel)

If result = 2 Then
      Wscript.echo "Logoff aborted"

      objShell.Run "Logoff.exe"
End If

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But when I add this script to scheduled task it does not run. Message says "the task is currently running(0x41301) and nothing is showing on screen.
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I'm assuming you've manually run the script and confirmed that it launches correctly.

You have to run the task as the logged in user.  Otherwise, it runs under the system account, and displays the message there (aka not on the user desktop).
I have had some issues with PowerShell and .VB Scripts in task scheduler but resolved them by writing a .bat file which executes the script.  The Batch file just executes the script you are trying to run.  I put the VB file on the root of the server or specified folder and the batch file would contain:  Start C:\%FilePath%\file.vbs   and I typically do not have any issues.

I also use:  shutdown -l  instead of logoff.exe.
EducadAuthor Commented:
When I ran the script manually on client machine, it worked but not through GPO. It is configured under Computer Configuration and gpo is linked to computer ou.

How do I run as the logged on user? I can see author is showing SYSTEM but run as my domain admin account.

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Under number 2, you want to be under "User Configuration" instead of "Computer Configuration".
EducadAuthor Commented:
Nothing has been resolved..
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