Malaysian Flight MH17 from Amsterdam

Condolences to family members of MH17.

Your observation/opinion?

______________________________________________Excerpts of others 17 July 2014
Putin blames Ukraine for loss of Flight MH17 with 298 innocent souls  July 17, 2014
Separatist groups reportedly blocked reporters and Ukrainian officials from the scene, and later said the "black box," or flight data recorder, had been sent to Moscow.
- Jennifer Griffin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Locals say everything exploded in the air, fell in pieces, both bodies and plane itself. Ppl thought they were being bombed
Immediately following the crash, Strelkov wrote on VKontakte: “We warned them not to fly in ‘our sky.’”
McCain: Malaysia Airlines Plane Tragedy an 'Outrageous and Incredible Act of Terrorism' 19 July 2014
Particularly significant are Russian media reports that MH17 briefly crossed the path of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s flight returning from the World Cup and an international summit in Brazil, and that factions in Moscow believe the missile that destroyed MH17 may have been intended for Putin. July 22, 2014
MH17: Ukrainian fighter jet 'near' plane before crash; Russian TV blames CIA posted by Irene Caesar, Ph.D. - 25 July 2014
When in March 2014 the Malaysian Boeing Flight MH370 had disappeared, some politicians were saying that this plane would be used for the provocation against Russia. And now we had seen what this plane was stolen for. This plane had the same passengers as before, in March; and EU passports were fake and thrown in immediately after the catastrophe, since everybody could see that everything is charcoaled from fire, while passports look new, fresh clean, as if just from under the printing press. And passports were lying in a neat heap. Also, all Dutch passports had expiration holes in them.
The fact that the Malaysian passports had also the expiration holes (in the form of a cut-off triangle) proves the involvement of some corrupt officials inside the Malaysian government

The substituted plane had explosives. The act of substitution was needed to smuggle in the plane with explosives on board. The substituted plane was flown by the Five Eyes agents who jumped from the plane with parachutes a few minutes before the explosion. They threw the fake passports in right after the crash. Local residents have seen two parachutes escaping the falling plane.

The abduction of 100 scientists explains why the downed Malaysian Flight MH17 had so many old corpses on board. The old corpses were placed on the plane instead of 100 abducted scientists.

Some corpses from MH17 lacked internal organs.

Malaysian Airlines did not load food onto the plane. The retrieved refrigerators did not contain any food containers.

Air Traffic Controller from Spain reported on Twitter (@spainbuca) that two jet fighters were following the Malaysian Boeing right before it disappeared from the radar, and testified that Ukrainians downed the plane.

The pictures of the crashed plane testify that it was downed by the air-to-air missile, according to experts, who say that these missiles have a very specific structure and signature.

Satellite images show Kolomoyskyi Forces fire on MH17. Veterans Today reported that these units are led by Israeli volunteers.

Passengers of the Malaysian Flight MH17 have their profiles on “Facebook”. But – attention! – profiles of these people were registered at one and the same time: April 21, 2013.

On July 26, German publication “Wahrheit Für Deutschland” (“Truth for Germany”) wrote that the Ukrainian pilot of SU-25, which was following the Malaysian Boeing 777, testified that he was firing at the Malaysian plane.

Satellite images prove Russia fired rockets into Ukraine after MH17 crash, U.S. says - AP -  July 27, 2014
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From bottom up...

Could very well be that Russian missiles were fired into Ukraine some time after the MH17 crash. It's not clear in any way what relevance that has, though. It seems probable that Russia shouldn't have been doing it, if it was actual Russian forces under high Russian command. But it doesn't seem directly involved except that the crash (downing?) happened in essentially in a "war" zone.

The Irene Caesar WordPress blog post just seems bizarre. I can't find anything in it that isn't almost pure near-psychotic "conspiracy theory" junk. Some elements (e.g., "Strike pattern of the Malaysian MH17 crash is too dense for a ground to air missile...") might be valid or not. I haven't seen corroboration anywhere, so I can't say if it's even a valid assertion. The way the blog post goes into discussions of "CIA-Zio-Nazi" conspiracies and the "criminal Google-CIA, Facebook-CIA, Skype-CIA, etc. Data Centers" goes so far overboard that I might recommend that "Irene Caesar" should seek out some professional therapy. Way too much in there to comment on; none seems useful.

Next, is there any reason to be surprised that a Ukraine fighter might be flying somewhere over Ukraine airspace? Assuming one was near MH17 before the crash (downing?), is there a reason to be surprised even about that? It was a "war" zone. (I didn't see anything in there that referenced crossing the path of a Putin flight. It seems a little odd that Putin might risk flying in such an area.)

Not much can be said about McCain's comment other than it seems reasonable. And since that's all that the article was about...?

Next, it's just a basic, early, more or less objective news report that says the airliner crashed, with some added comments about the political conflict in the surrounding area. Nothing to comment on.

The Fox News item seemed mostly okay. I wouldn't unconditionally believe "retired Army Lt. Col Ralph Peters" that Russia has not supplied Buk systems to separatists. It's not clear that such a person could know what some Russian military units might or might not do under a Putin regime. Perhaps if the source was currently ranking in the NSA, the assertion might be strongly credible. Regardless, it's not clear if it makes a difference if it was Russian-supplied separatists or the Russian military in the region. I'd be far more interested if it was done by the Ukrainian side or not.

The Daily Mail item also seems mostly straight news. I haven't heard a final report on the "black box" that was reportedly sent to Moscow.

Overall, it seems most likely that it was shot down by separatists using Russian-supplied hardware. Probably by mistake, but that's not excusable. A group that doesn't have sufficient operational intelligence to identify a civilian airliner should not be wielding (should not be given!) such weapons.


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SunBowAuthor Commented:
VG, TY, seems to be a good summary
including that by now one would have thought at least 'some' clarification comment be had from the country of origin
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