Best Tool / App to Monitor Variety of Text-Based Log Files on Multiple Systems

Hey Guys -

I have many personal devices and systems that I have running for personal use.  Most of the things I want to monitor write to one or more text-based log files on my primary server.  I'm trying to find a single tool which I may set up to monitor as many of these as possible which ideally may be monitored from my iPad or another mobile device.  

For monitoring Windows OS alone, I use PC Monitor (now Pulseway) which I really like.  It has a client which runs on each PC I monitor and I have a dashboard which may be opened on my iPad/Android phone to view stats and make minor changes.  If it could cover all of the things I'm wanting, it would be perfect.  

My ideal solution would offer the following:
Have a mobile dashboard providing an overview of all services
Be able to designate and "Application" and configure it to look at a specific text-based file (or pat with multiple files) to get it's event data)
Be able to designate keywords per set application which if they appear in the log file(s) for that app, to get a notification
Be able to monitor Windows & Linux hosts
Have an awesome GUI :)

Any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks!
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
I strongly suggest you look at Splunk.  It can index virtually any data you want and the interface is web based.  You could do searches just like Google as well as you could setup alerting.  Splunk can monitor Windows, Linux, SNMP devices, WMI as well as it has apps built for Exchange, SQL, web servers, etc.  Splunk has free version which can index 500 MB per day but if you have multiple systems then get the paid version as you could have forwarders to index and send indexed data to a centralized server.  Go to for more information.

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Irit GillathCommented:
I suggest that you'll check out Stackify ( . It is Application centric and will collect all the logs and errors with an easy to use graphical interface for both dashboards. It allows you to set up monitors and notifications (text/email) for logs or keywords in the log (in combine with their frequency). It runs on both Windows and linux servers and it is easy to use and very cost-effective. It also have a monitoring  element which can monitor everything from the application performance, URLs, users satisfaction, DB, regressed and new errors, servers etc. Try their free trial
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