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Help with Pervasive query

I wish to query our accounting system that is stored in a Pervasive 11 database.

I wish the query to pull all the records of a particular table UNLESS the user provides a date.  Then I want all records up to that date to be returned.

Any pseudo code?
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
<SQL air code.  I do my own stunts too>
FROM a_particular_table
WHERE some_date <= @date_parameter OR @date_parameter IS NULL

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classnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Actually had to use 0 (long story) but this put me on the right track.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
When you post with a SQL Server topic, you definitely get back SQL Server results.  However, Pervasive PSQL does not support the @ for a parameter.  This gives you really two options:
1) Issue either one query (with the date restriction) or the other (without the restriction).  This would be done in code with a simple IF statement.  Since you don't mention your front end, a more specific answer is not possible.
2) Use a stored procedure, where you can supply a parameter or not.  Again, the exact syntax cannot be discerned due to the lack of actual info, but here is an example to get you started:
CREATE PROCEDURE GetDataByDate (in :lastdate VARCHAR(20)=NULL)
   Field1  Datatype1,
   Field2  Datatype2)
  SET :stmt = 'SELECT * FROM a_particular_table';
  if(:lastdate is not null) then
    SET :stmt = :stmt + ' WHERE date_field <= ' + :lastdate
  end if;

Note, though, that the workings of the WHERE clause depend on your database, too.  Is the date field a true PSQL Date?  Is it a Julian date?  Is it a string date?  What about your input parameter?  You may have to convert the parameter to match the target data type and format.  See the docs (in the PCC under Help/Documentation) on using the CONVERT() function.

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