iphone 5 battery life dies very fast!

hi experts,

 i have an iphone 5 and the battery is not lasting long at all. I charge it to 100% and 30min later it's at 60%, it doesn't even last 2hours and I don't have any applications open! What can be causing this?
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it is hard to find out exact root cause. it prefer  to reduce power consumption for  whole system improvement
Take a  look at this

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you charge it fully and let it discharge fully so that it turns off before recharging it, does it hold its charge for longer?

Have you backed up your phone, reset it and reinstalled the latest iOS via a PC?  If not, I would recommend it.

Turn off all unwanted background applications as they can drain the battery Settings> General> Background App Refresh.

Have you got any Exchange Activesync accounts setup on the phone?  If you have, set the sync to manual not Push and don't check your mail - does that improve life?

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
One thing that works well on my iPhone 4s is to change email from push (always checking) to check manually (on request) or every half hour (and you can still check manually).

I went from 3 hours to most all day.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@frankbustos  - Another thing that can help is to reset all your wireless and cellular connections (from the Settings Icon). I found my machine getting warm and chewing up battery when I returned from overseas recently. Resetting the connections helped. I had to remake the connections but no data lost at all.

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duncanb's link to that zdnet article was not content-free; the content was in the picture slideshow, not the text.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
Is it jailbroken?
GeisrudSystems AdministratorCommented:
I've seen battery improvement after a simple phone reboot (a symptom you might notice is the phone is often unusually warm, even without much use).

To reboot, hold the Home button and Standby button until you see the Apple Logo, then release.
frankbustosAuthor Commented:
resetting wireless worked. thanks!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@frankbustos  - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
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