Is there a way to sort flagged conversations in Zimbra?

In addition to being able to sort conversations/emails in Zimbra by "folders," "date" and "tags" - I'm looking for a way to quickly sort emails that I've "flagged" as important to return to and review in detail when I have more time.

Does anyone know of a way to group or sort emails that have been red "flagged" in Zimbra?
Kristina WingPublic Relations StrategistAsked:
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Sanga CollinsConnect With a Mentor Systems AdminCommented:
In the zimbra client and web there is a predefined search folder named 'flagged' and one named 'unread'.

You can also use the search term is:flagged to show flagged messages and you can sort these by the column headers
Kristina WingPublic Relations StrategistAuthor Commented:
Quick solution that also pointed me to other filter option I hadn't found in Zimbra yet.
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