NTDS (716) - DRA_USN_Index of table datatable is corrupted (0)

Hi All.

Ok so we are having trouble with our Clients SBS2011 Server. Initially we were having trouble enabling the account SBSMonAcct and this lead us to checking the Active Director Event log and indeed every time we tried to activate the SBSMonACCT account we would get the following error in event log (Active Directory event log):#

NTDS (716) NTDSA: Database C:\Windows\ntds\ntds.dit: Index DRA_USN_index of table datatable is corrupted (0).

I have traced the issue back to the 2nd June 2014 when the server lost power, i.e. before this date these errors were not being logged in any way shape or form AND we were getting the daily server reports - which seems to be linked to this NTDS issue.

Checking the backups we have data going back to 27th June (We installed the server a few days before).

Is it possible to uses these backups to replace any of the files that may be causing the corruption as an easy fix? - I have been reading quite a lot about offline defragmentation and it seems a difficult process (not that this bothers me), but this is a production server and they are a 24 hour operation + a 1.5 hour drive.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated
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When your issue get started ?
If the issue exists at 27th June as well, then restoring server with that backup will not help
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I messed up my dates.

The issue stated on 2nd JULY and we have backups going back to 27th JUNE.

Does that help this situation.
If your issue started on 2nd July and if you did not found any trace in event logs for older date prior to 2nd July, you can restore 27th June backup on server and hopefully you will be out of mess.

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AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Ok - thank you for that - but what am I restoring - entire contents of c:\windows\ntds or some of the files.

and if I do restore these / that file - what will change, what will be different.
You need to restore system state backup, its not supported to just replace NTDS folder
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
ok thank you.

I still need to ask the question - if I do a system state restore what is going to change.

this is a production server with 48 clients so what other changes will happen onSBS2011 if I do a system state restore back almost 3 weeks please.
If you have created any new users \ group \ computers \ servers within this 3 week period post backup, those changes will get lost.
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:
Ok - in that case then I can't use these backups - this was a new install and the amount of changes we have made are numerous.

 I will post a new question on repairing the NTDS structure

Thank you for all you help.
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