[Win7] Can't Delete Shortcut from Desktop

O/S:           Windows 7, SPK 1

I have two Users on this machine:
(1) User1  - admin
(2) User2  

On User2's Desktop there's a shortcut that should be removed. (It's a shortcut to a program, that User2 does not use).

I login as User2.
I rightclick the icon and press Delete.
I get the following message:  "You require permission from Administrators to make changes to this file".

I logoff and login as User1.
In the hope of deleting it, I navigate to \C:\Users\User2\Desktop\   , using WindowsExplorer.        
However, I'm surprised to find that this particular shortcut is not present in the Desktop folder.

Any suggestions how to get rid of the shortcut?

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I'm wondering if the file is hidden on the User1 side.

Plan B,    Set User2 as Admin temporarily, then try deleting from the User2 account.
Rob MinersCommented:
Also check in C:\Users\Public\Desktop for the link.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Another thing you might try is opening cmd.exe with Run as Administrator, navigate to c:\user2\desktop and delete the shortcut using the DEL command. I do this to delete these kind of objects.
CE101Author Commented:
Hi Tailoreddigital and RobMiners and JohnHurst:

Thank you for responding.
Rob was right.
The shortcut was in C:\Users\Public\PublicDesktop.
I deleted it from Public and it was automatically gone from User2.

I'm new to Win7 (having just migrated from Win2000) so I was not aware of the PublicDesktop.

Note:  I have awarded most of the points to Rob, because he had the simplest solution.
However thanks again to all!
Rob MinersCommented:
Your welcome :)
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