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This is noob question - we started with one application and one site collection which goes to Home.aspx. Our developers developed another site at https://domain/sites/home, which works fine when when you point your browser to, but I'd really like to have go straight to I'd think this would be an application setting, but don't see where _layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Community Home.aspx is referenced anywhere. How do I find the missing piece and change that?

Thanks for your time!
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Sir LearnalotCommented:
Check the application settings in the IIS console.

Also, maybe setup AAM's from the Central Administration Page.

If any of those dont make sense let me know and Ill explain in further detail.

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Sir LearnalotCommented:
Did this work for you @dgapinski ?
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks - it worked a while back and I kept not updating this issue's status. Have a good one!
Sir LearnalotCommented:
Awesome. Glad it helped - thanks and you as well :)
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