Sbs 2011Migration - Outlook Prompting for username\password

Just finished a test migration with no major issues, all gone through ok.
Finished with demoting the source server and then rebooted one of my test Windows 7 clients and now Outlook is prompting for username and password.
Also I can get to OWA but when I login, I receive HTTP 500 Error (Attached)
Not sure what I have done wrong?
Matthew LoftsMrAsked:
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Matthew LoftsConnect With a Mentor MrAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.
It was actually a dns issue on the client.
Also applied a batch on WU that was waiting.

Cheers all.
Murali ReddyExchange ExpertCommented:
There is no information about your setup without which it is difficult to suggest.
Matthew LoftsMrAuthor Commented:
Migrated from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011
SBS 2011 running on physical server.
The migration did complete with no major issues.
Rebooted a client PC which was working prior to a reboot but now prompting for creds.
Also I have noticed companyweb does not work either.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Have you updated Exchange yet?  Restart IIS and retry.
Vlastimil SopuchDirectorCommented:
Is the mbx moved accross fine? (move request cleared out).
Can you ping that SBS2011 box?
Try re-creating the profile in Outlook.
Murali ReddyExchange ExpertCommented:
what is your exchange setup?
Matthew LoftsMrAuthor Commented:
Found the windows 7 client was not getting the correct dns from the server.
Also believed a rollup update may have helped for the sbs server that was waiting.
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