SBS 2008 - Sharepoint: Error 2436 - object not found warning from supposedly deleted site.

I've recently removed a sharepoint site from ans SBS 2008 machine that was longer required which seemed  to be successful but I'm still getting Event ID 2436

The start address <sts3://{c5e63ea4-05fa-4acb-bd4f-771a846a483d}> cannot be crawled.

Context: Application 'Search index file on the search server', Catalog 'Search'

	The object was not found.   (0x80041201).

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Well durr! It shouldn't be there because I removed it.

Why am I still getting this error message, what went wrong with the removal and are there any resources about that can help me find and delete whatever crud has been left over?

Note that we still have a perfectly working standard SBS SharePoint site so I don't want to reinstall SharePoint unless I really have to. This was an additional site created for testing purposes.
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Dale303Author Commented:
I've had a deeper look around and it appears that the site has been removed from IIS but the database is still there. I'm tempted to just delete the relevant database but no doubt it's more complicated than that.
Dale303Author Commented:
Never mind. I fixed it.

From Central Admin/App Management, if I just tried to delete the Web App from  'Delete Web Application', there was nothing there, the page was blank. So I went for 'Remove Sharepoint from IIS Web Site', deleted the site and then tried to 'Delete Web Application' once more and miraculously, the site appeared where it didn't before and gave me some options to delete the database. Once committed, all traces of the site seem to have been erased.

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