How to evaluate a string that contains single quote when that is the special characters used to define a string value.

I have a string that contains a single quote in it (EX:  Master's).  I need to evaluate a data item value to that string.  The problem is that the special character used to define string value is the single quote (').  Is there a way for me to evaluate this string as is without having to temporarily strip out the character to do the evaluation.  If not what is the simplest way to do the evaluation?  Thanks.

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Randy PooleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just double the '' as in 'Master''s' when evaluating it
ktQueBITAuthor Commented:
Randy.  Thanks I think I tried every combination except that one.   You just saved me some major aggravation!!
Randy PooleCommented:
No problem :)
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