Standalone Lync: do I have to pay for the client too?

One of my users came to me and said she was talking to a client and he wanted to share his desktop with her and asked her if we had Lync.  She wanted me to look into getting it.  I've crawled all over Microsoft's website and what I can find tells me that we would only pay $5.50 per user per month for a subscription.  What I can't find is the information about how much we'd need to pay for the client that we would have to install on our workstations to be able to use enough features to at least enable the feature she needed to share his desktop (or, conversely, share hers with him.)

It looks to me that we can't get the full client without an Office 365 subscription.  We have an onsite Exchange server, so we do not have Office 365.  

My question:  Does anyone know what the total cost of Lync Online is, and how hard it would be to get it up and running in a small office of 9 or less?

Thanks so much.
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Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
Just a thought why don't you go for online WebEx or GOTO meeting which is free and use that to share the desktop..

You can even try Skype where in there is lync-skype connectivity...

Or download trial version of lync .. You can use it for temporary basis
KrisCookAuthor Commented:
I guess I was thinking that if our client uses Lync, then we would have to have it too.  So if we have Skype, and our client wants to share his desktop using Lync, we can see it?  And share ours too, if we need to?  That would be a good solution, if Skype is free!

I thought WebEx and GOTO meeting were subscription based.  I will look into these, if they will let us view a desktop that a Lync user is trying to share.

Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
Lynx is a communicator.. Just like Skype.. Gtalk.. You can share your desktop with any software .. It should not always be a lync.. GOTO is free for 30 days.. There are even other softwares available too which are trail based .. You can try them too..
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KrisCookAuthor Commented:
So, just to clarify, if a client is using Lync, and he wants to share his desktop with me, all I need to do is start up Skype and somehow find him there to look at his desktop?  Forgive me, as I've never used Skype and don't know how I would connect with him unless he is using Skype too.  

I am unclear about how to connect across platforms.   I will do more research.

Thanks again.
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Here's the licensing info:

If you're looking for free tools, teamviewer works great.

Lync is the price of the server. You probably have your cals included in your license agreement.
I believe they discontinued the external license requirement, which would mean that you could connect to others.

Straight from the link above:

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 hosted meeting. There are no required licenses for unauthenticated
users of Lync Server 2013.
3.2.3 External2
 Authenticated Users
An unlimited number of authenticated3
 external users may access a Lync Server 2013 in
scenarios where the number of CALs is uncertain.
3.2.4 Public Instant Messaging Users
Lync Server 2013 provides organizations with the capability to connect their existing base of
Lync Server 2013-enabled users to certain public IM service providers. Licensing and availability
requirements for Public IM Connectivity depend on the service providers customers want to
connect with, and Lync Server 2013 CALs.
 Windows Live Messenger: Customers with Lync Server 2013 qualify for
federation with Windows Live Messenger without additional licensing
requirements. Lync will continue to support federation with Windows Live
Messenger as long as it is in market.
 AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): Customers with Lync Server 2013 qualify for
federation with AOL without additional licensing requirements. Service with AOL
will be available so long as Microsoft and AOL maintain an agreement to
continue the service. This mutual agreement will extend up to at least June 2014.
Updates, when available, will be posted to the Lync Team Blog
 Yahoo! Messenger: As of September 1st, 2012, the Microsoft Lync Public IM
Connectivity User Subscription License (“PIC USL”) is no longer available for
purchase for new or renewing agreements. Customers with active licenses will be
KrisCookAuthor Commented:
I had that document open already, and had read that this morning before I posted this question.  I do not want to pay three thousand dollars for Lync Server.  My question had to to with Lync Online, and whether I had to pay for each client.  I needed to also know which client I needed in order for my user to view an external user's desktop, and how I could best get that client.

MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Sorry about that. I had no way of knowing you had viewed that doc.
Lync Online works the same way, though. Once you pay for your user cal "equivalent", you can connect to inside and outside users. At least that's how it was for us at the last place where we installed it.
KrisCookAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I've done more reading, and now I think that my user could have viewed the Lync user's desktop if they had both known how to do it, without my user even needing Lync installed at all.

Am I thinking right?  I think we would only need it (or something like it, as you mentioned above) if WE were going to be making our own presentations to outside users.  

I appreciate your patience with me!
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Lync Online Plan 2 does provide access to the Lync Web client so a user can use the web client from any compatible browser. The web client does indeed support desktop sharing if the proper add-ins are installed for the browser.

If you want a more seamless experience, you can also download "Lync Basic" as a free download. This has more functionality than the web app, but less than a full lync client. It would probably fit your needs.

And, of course, if you want the full lync client, you can purchase it standalone, or get it as part of the Office ProPlus edition, or get it as part of an O365 subscription. So you have multiple options.


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KrisCookAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Cliff!  THAT is the answer I needed, though I could have used a few more details, such as which add-ins, and a link to where I can purchase the full Lync client, since I looked all day yesterday for a price and a way to order it.  I guess I'll just have to call Microsoft, which I avoid if I can help it.  

From your comments, it does look like we can indeed use Lync for $5.50 per user per month.  And I believe I gathered from the comment thread (thanks, everyone!) that for my user's client to share his desktop with her, if they'd known how to do it, he should have been able to do it without her having Lync at all.  

I appreciate your help.
Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
you could have split the points between us for that comment..!!!
KrisCookAuthor Commented:
I didn't know I could split points!  How do you do that?  If I accept as solution, that automatically gives the points, doesn't it?  And no way to change it....  : (

I'm sorry!
Wasim Akram ShaikCommented:
no you have to chose multiple answers for that.. don't worry.. I would ask moderator to do this..!!
KrisCookAuthor Commented:
I appreciate everyone's help.  Cliff provided a direct answer to a direct question, so he got the high score.  Lammontoya was patient and graceful after what could have been construed as a negative comment, though I didn't mean it that way. Wasim didn't tell me anything much that I didn't know, but was first to respond and try to help.  And now I understand how the grading system works, thanks to some helpful links from a mod.  

Thanks again, all!
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