Powershell script to change an attribute for all active directory users

I need to create a script that will rename all active directory users attritbute (cn). Just for clarification this is the the CN= of the DistinguishedName field ( I briefly mixed this up). Mainly, I need the command to change this field in AD.
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SubsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CN and name of the object will be same.. Following cod will work for you. It will replace all the "/" in name with "-"
Get-ADUser -Filter * | ?{$_.Name -match "/"} | % {
$User = $_
  $User | Rename-ADObject -Newname $($User.Name -replace "/","-")

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If you want to run it against a OU the use -SearchBase parameter..
Get-ADUser -SearchBase "OU=Users,OU=HQ,DC=Max,DC=com" -Filter * | ?{$_.Name -match "/"} | % {

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You can use Rename-ADObject to change the name of the object (With windows 2008 R2 DC and above)..
Ref : http://ss64.com/ps/rename-adobject.html

If you can explain, what modification you need for the name then only we can suggest further.
Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
cn, I believe it is stand for Contexts Name.

anyway what changes you would like to make by script?

like add some prefix or change it to match First Name Last Name?

would you please provide some detail regarding on it.

for instance,

you can do

get-aduser -id abc | set-aduser -replace @{cn="abc01"}
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markc56Author Commented:
We have a secondary program for ticketing that we need to import users into from AD. In the cn field we not only have a name, but area of work and here is where the problem is. We are using a "/" between areas and the ticketing program will not recognize the "/", so we need to change it to a "-" or "_" which it does recognize.
Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
do you have last name, first name as the CN?
markc56Author Commented:
Justin: When I tried running the command you listed (get-aduser -id abc | set-aduser -replace @{cn="abc01"}) I found out you cannot make a change. It errors out referencing a system file error. Thanks for help.
markc56Author Commented:
This works exactly as I needed.  Thanks!
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