Video splitting

I'd asked a similar question in the past, but my needs have changed slightly.

Current setup:
2 PCs, each with their own primary display on the desk.
2nd display is over hdmi to a projector.  We currently have to 'swing' the hdmi cable between them, but I have a switch box on order to resolve that.

What I need to do for at least one PC (both would be nice but not absolutely necessary), is to have that 2nd display output converted to support an additional monitor that only accepts component/composite input.

I ordered the hdmi switch box from monoprice, and their support says they don't have anything like that.  If it's not possible, I can live with that, but just want to hear from someone who's had a lot more experience.

In the past, we were splitting a vga output for that second display.  One signal continued as vga to the projector (replaced with the hdmi cable) while the other converted through a powered box to a composite cable that used an adapter to run over coax to the same monitor.

Let me know if any of this isn't clear or more details are needed.
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
Have you tried using a KVM switch?

I would get a KVM, and a couple of adapters, and youre set to go

PC1  ---------
PC2 ----------
Perhaps instead of splitting the display at the signal/cable level, it may be much easier to use another display adapter (even a USB one) that is set to 'clone' instead of 'extend' the display in question.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
I don't see how a kvm will help here...can you explain?

magarity - that might be a solution.  Can you provide some examples or add further info?
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
not sure what youre getting at

Can you draw a picture of what you want vs what you have
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
As the saying goes don't quit your day job to become an artist.  So is anything in particular displaying on these screens, as in are they all showing the same thing or all different?
>> use another display adapter (even a USB one)...

Getting a USB Video card, with VGA out, would probably be easier to set up, than converting a digital signal to analog,  and on down to composite.

I'm ordering a VGA to S-video/Composite converter tomorrow, so I can add a couple of RF TV's into a multi display setup (it's getting hard to find one at a good price, lately. I think they are making them out of gold, now).    : /
If you can get a USB card that also has a S-video Out, it is even easier.  S-video is easy to make into Composite.
Just watch out for the "cheap" S-video/Composite adapters. They will only carry 'gray scale".
Making a cable is really easy, or be sure to get one with the "capacitor", so it will carry color.

A USB card with only VGA Out, you would need something like this, to take it down to Composite (make sure to get one with VGA Pass-through, just in case you need it, later):
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
HA!  I already bought that adapter from monoprice... :)

So, the usb video - that can 'duplicate' my 2nd display easily?  I also have the svideo cable in the ceiling already, so this sounds like the best choice.
>> So, the usb video - that can 'duplicate' my 2nd display easily?  

It should. Like mentioned, the USB Video drivers, should let you set it to Clone (any of the other monitors), instead of Extend.

hmmmm... I'm using Extend, so I guess I should really double check that, when I'm over there tomorrow.
But I am Extending my second monitor, so it is probably all good
.   : /
"So, the usb video - that can 'duplicate' my 2nd display easily?"

Maybe - maybe not.  The reason I asked what's being displayed is that any USB video adapter won't be able to keep up with full screen high res video or maybe not even low res video depending on the model.  My cheap one is only good for spreadsheets and such.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Mostly still images, but occasionally some motion/videos as well.
bugger. I forgot to check mine, while I was there.     : /
I will be back there tomorrow, I will try to get some time on that system. I will throw some .mp4's at it, also.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
No worries.  I'd love to hear your results though.  Thanks!
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
So you want somehting like this


So you are looking for a vga to rca?

and i guess a vga splitter
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Not exactly.
Two computers present, so what you have for monitor 2 is somewhat irrelevant (owned by someone else).

initially we were running vga from the main PC into a splitter that continued the vga signal to the projector (TV1 in your graphic) while splitting that signal to the rca (video only) to what you have indicated is TV2.

The other company came in and ran hdmi to TV1, which was better signal strength (we were occasionally losing signal), but we currently have to physically swing the hdmi cable back and forth (I have a dual-input to single output hdmi splitter on order).

The main pc is an ASUS - tho I forget what model.  It's external video adapter (slotted) contains hdmi and either vga or dvi output.  The internal/on board adapter also has output on it, but apparently can't be used in conjunction with the external (sucks).  So I either have to somehow convert the hdmi signal up front, then move to the splitter and join with the other PC's connection to TV1, or I have to implement some other display adapter solution.  I'm open to purchasing an additional external card, if that would work...
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
I noticed that also, the motherboard gxf card stops working when you add a second one.

New egg has plenty of gfx cards available for about $10

You can get one, And use that to send out a second and 3rd signal to your peripherals. Typically they have 1vga and 1 dvi,

i thnk what you may also want is a reverse kvm switch

A reverse KVM switch allows the connection of multiple KVM consoles (a keyboard, Video display and Mouse) to a single computer. Some reverse KVM switches also feature long distance extension of consoles to the target computer.

The ADDER CCS4-USB for example does the following:

Create a single workspace from 4 different computers

rev kvm + splitter setup
Well, I have good news, and I have bad news...

The good news is, the USB video card will do Clone, and it didn't have any problem with VLC and the 'generic' mp4 music videos I sent to it.

The bad news is, I couldn't get it to Clone the second monitor. It did the Primary one, without missing a beat, though.
I only got to play with it for about 10 minutes, so it still might be possible, but it's not a simple 'click' fix, on mine.
Have you looked at Matrox's "video wall" graphics controllers?  It might be overkill, but it might give you even more options and let you run wild with these multiple displays:
I just tried with my USB video thing and it lets me clone the secondary monitor via the Windows display resolutions settings. Did you use that or the USB thing's own utility?  Try the Windows settings instead.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Thought this might be a quick find solution, but since it's a bit more involved, I'm maxing the points.  I appreciate the help!

I like the idea about the reverse kvm, but was told we're better off keeping all hardware, as much as possible, separate from the other company, so I think sharing the keyboard, etc would be frowned upon.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
no need to share keyboard on kvm, (just like a Ferrari lets you go 260 doesn't mean you need to use it)  just leave it connected to the pc
>> ...clone the secondary monitor via the Windows display resolutions settings.

I used the USB utility. I looked at Windows Display, but only saw two checkboxes.
- Make Primary
- Extend

Unchecking Extend, didn't give me any options to pick what to Clone, so I didn't continue.
Maybe I should have.   ; )
OK, I forgot to mention Windows version - this is 7 pro with basic Intel video.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
magarity - do you have the same one?  
I just want to be sure that I can clone display #2, and that it will handle videos.  Currently running 1920 res, but I could drop that if necessary
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Any updates?
Hi Sirbounty, looking at your first drawing
2 PC to one projector
2 pc to one projectorI take it that you want to be able switch from one PC to the other,
and display them both on a projector or TV? through a switch?
Is this for the purpose of splitting a screen?
It is unusual to see a task of having two computers complete with separate keyboard/mouse connected to one Screen and have keyboard and mouse active on both computers separately for the screen? through a splitter?
There is Ultramon for one computer
The KVMP I have does this, I connect both my towers to one screen, it also includes the one keyboard and mouse to navigate the console.
I simply click the front switch to change between them, to the second tower includes audio and back to the first tower.
 A wireless USB can be added for a keyboard and mouse.
Why do you need to use two computers what is the purpose of your task.
As you can only use one screen/ TV/projector from one computer at one time and have to switch in order to put the video on the screen from the other, that's where my question comes in.
Do you just want to play mp4 music video from two computers?
> it didn't have any problem with VLC and the 'generic' mp4 music videos I sent to it.
You can run two or more instances of VLC.
Same with media player classic BE I have run 4 instances of MPC-be as many as can fit on the desktop screen.
These desktop not laptops?
If your video card support video out connect from it to the projector set the secondary screen at full screen so you cant see your desktop, then open two instances of VLC and play a separate video in each, be a bit garbled noise over lapping each other, hense I wonder what your trying to achieve.
If you could provide me the details of your outcome, what you want to achieve with 2 computers and one screen?
I can then better assist you.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Two separate companies using presentation software to display images/videos to an audience.
We do not share computers - separate desktop displays.  We only share the hdmi signal going to the projector (I installed a switch last week for this that's working well).  
We have a 2nd presentation monitor hanging from the ceiling near the back.  Want to be able to get that 2nd output projected there also.
Ok thank you that makes it slightly different from your diagram of two PC to one projector,
Your needs if possible> is to have that 2nd display output converted to support an additional monitor that only accepts component/composite input.
These are rca and used with a capture card, a capture has an inbuilt PVR( personal video recorder) it is a desktop application that can also send video from a desktop to the TV.
I used to have one LeadTek for the purposes of watching web video on my 68 cm TV. Worked great but do you wish to buy a capture card  or even a TV card USB and then run cables  2 of them one video and the other audio to this monitor in the ceiling?
I used clone mode.
A USB TV Card Player he could put his presentation on here and plug into the computer connected to screen.
If you had a digital flat screen TV with USB can also be used to play USB from the apps on the TV
USB Stick the traveller is good. I carry these over to friends TV 

I realize that you want to keep the computers separate but it seems to complicate the purpose of a presentation lots of cables?
Maybe using a USB put the presentation on that and plug into the one PC working with screen?

What you need to solve this simply:
two screens the same,
consideration>Portable Projector Screen for Mobile Presenter
Mobile Presenter Pro - Wireless Screen Sharing and Projection for iPad
or 2 TV or 2 monitors.. digital flat screen can be put on the wall.
not too far apart fairly high up  for an audience and face them in different directions., daisy chain them together from a Laptop with a display port adapter.
Anyone have a spare laptop or ipad?
If you can daisy chain them together from a Display Port then you can send the video from one laptop to both screens.
I know you don't like this idea but if a laptop was found,
A display port supports the daisy chaining of multiple monitors, but not the splitting of the signal.
Screen Beam Pro
ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver Use your TV as a Second Screen for your Laptop, Android Smartphone, or Tablet without any wires....

Use what you have and change the ceiling display to a TV maybe.
consider/ possibly rent a portable screen that can be placed on the floor connected to the first screen. Just face it towards others.
Or connect the rental screen to this other company Desktop.
Or a USB stick or USB TV card.
Does this seminar or function require a teacher or someone talking about it?

Since it is a power point presentation you could even burn them to DVD
When on power point just save it as a video then burn to DVD using windows 7 DVD maker
A DVD can be played on the one system in that DVD rom and display on the screen or another TV with a DVD player.
My TV has an inbuilt DVD player on the side of it.
Some ideas for you
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Yes, I thought I was close to a usb solution, but was waiting to hear back from coral47 and/or magarity.
Yep I like his suggestions as well,
He hasn't come back for a while maybe our emails will ping his focus back to it
To simplify scrolling back up you have had a lot of suggestions Sirbounty ;)
sorry. I haven't had a chance to play with the USB video settings.  They have been "tweaking" the presentation, and it's eating all my "hands on" time.   : /

But the "step down" of VGA to RF went fairly well. The converter was defaulted to PAL, which gave me a few bad minutes, until I got a clean enough picture to see the Menu to change it .  8 |

So now I have 8 "monitors".
5 on DVI > VGA
1 on S-video > Composite
2 on VGA > Composite > RF

the USB will not start working until after Windows boots, and the drivers load.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
So are you saying coral47 that this should work for me, or that you need to test a bit more?
I'm in no rush, but I would like to know for certain before I pursue purchasing the hardware.
>> So are you saying...

Both.  It should work with the Windows Display settings (per magarity), but I wouldn't mind checking more.
Problem is, they are changing the presentations, and I haven't been able to get any "free time" on it.   ; /

Hopefully somebody with a key will show up early for Wed. rehearsal,  and I can get a few minutes with it.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks.  I appreciate the help. :^)
ok, got to play with it last night. I could *not* get the 3rd monitor (usb) to clone the 2nd monitor.  Just the first.

A Matrox DualHead2Go might be able to do it for you.

There is also some software that you could look at:

Ultra monitor

Unfortunately I haven't used either, so I don't know the abilities/limitations of them.

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