Cyberlink Powerdirector 12 project with 4 videos only shows first item in disk menu

I've created a project with 4 videos. When I try to go to the menu, it only shows the first video. How do I get all 4 videos in the menu?
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Lucky for you I have Power Director 10
What do you mean by Menu?
The panel at the top "Media Room?
and also what do you mean in disc menu>project with 4 videos only shows first item in disk menu<< do you go to save movie first then burn it?
When you loaded your 4 clips did you append to the end of the previous? so that they create one long continuous video clip?
Unless you exceeded the 4.7 gig of a normal DVD disc.
You'll need to take that into account.
Can you post a snip from snipping tool?
You've already saved it as a project !!!! that means the 4 video should not be moved until you save it as a completed movie.
When loading the Project again it will also load all and any files included in the saved project, if they were on a USB drive or have been moved they are now missing.
So it's 3 possible causes, exceeded 4.7 gig and how you appended the videos and as it's still in a project the files need to stay put till saved.
This what I refer to as the media room is this the menu you refer to>
dovidfCEOAuthor Commented:
M> What do you mean by Menu?

Every dvd video starts with a menu where you can pick which video you would like to view first

M> and also what do you mean in disc menu>project with 4 videos only shows first item in disk menu<< do you go to save movie first then burn it?

The movie consists of 4 imported videos and only one shows up on the menu. I was answered that I needed to put chapter marks in the 3 last videos for them to appear on the menu

M> You've already saved it as a project !!!! that means the 4 video should not be moved until you save it as a completed movie.

Saving the project shouldn't mean I can't change it. No dvd was produced yet. Just the work in progress had been saved.

There does not appear to be a snipping tool in 12
Windows snipping tool  in search type that
Ok your talking about authoring it.
You've clicked on create disc?
I don't like PDD create a disc prefer Nero Vision so lets do it then so I can remember
I've loaded 3 video and appended I've open the story board so I can see the time of each this is probably where you need to mark the chapters , I'l play around with it for a bit and let you
 then opened create disc
Ok so now it has loaded the menu
open the menu preferences to pick my start menu template, now some have 3 chapters and some more, click on modify to change your fonts etc
Set first video play thumbnail?
Havant figured out where the chapter marker is yet
I'll be back
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Ok   click on contents how many files in there?
What if you just go straight to create disc and then drag and drop your 4 video clips on,  this way you know you have all 4.
highlighting one gives the options to recycle bin / edit and set chapters./
Back in menu preferences pick a template then click modify set your font/colours and buttons, button highlight now save this template then wait  the new template will appear reload it move your header and name it
Don't set the first video to play you want it start with menu and play all video subsequently.
add music of your own
To help you here's a pretty good looking video on Youtube describes the> steps PowerDirector - Menu Making
You can also use windows DVD maker windows 7 and windows moviemaker to create your effects credits etc it's pretty good has menu templates/ at the bottom of this tutorial how to create the movie etc
is the link to author it to DVD
Check size is not in the red.
Have to go to work
dovidfCEOAuthor Commented:
I know that I could use other tools to get the job done but I thought that Powerdirector was full featured and I wanted to do it totally within that program.

The correct solution is that you have make chapters in each of the videos.

The idea about other programs is a good idea

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dovidfCEOAuthor Commented:
The true solution is the one I offered for making the chapters in the videos.
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