extracting data from an xml url with php

I am trying to extract three variables from a site that returns an xml file. It contains, among other things, the Latitude, Longitude, CensusTract and CensusBlock.
I am attaching a file that represents what I am trying to do. I just can't figure out the syntax to address the xml data.
George FendlerprogrammerAsked:
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simple example - you just need to drill down the nodes for any value you want
$url = 'https://geoservices.tamu.edu/Services/Geocode/WebService/GeocoderWebServiceHttpNonParsed_V04_01.aspx?streetAddress=500%20McMahon%20Road&city=Hollister&state=ca&zip=95023&apikey=demo&format=XML&census=true&censusYear=2010&notStore=false&version=4.01';

echo "Latitude: ".$xml->OutputGeocodes[0]->OutputGeocode->Latitude."<br>";
echo "Longitude: ".$xml->OutputGeocodes[0]->OutputGeocode->Longitude."<br>";
echo "CensusTract: ".$xml->OutputGeocodes[0]->OutputGeocode->CensusValues->CensusValue->CensusTract."<br>";

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George FendlerprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Well, that was much simpler than what I have been trying all afternoon.
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