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Why is the following formula not returning blank if not equal to any of the conditions?

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Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
Try this


Naresh PatelTraderCommented:


Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
Actually 0 or "" excel consider both one and the same.
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RWayneHAuthor Commented:
but I need it to do two different things.  If zero do this, if not, blank??  If "" and 0 are considered the same, how do I do this?
Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
Change  Cell Format to Text - For References.
Naresh PatelTraderCommented:

Change Cell H181 to text Format
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Excel considers blank cells and zero-value cells differently, depending on how you're testing or applying them.

Let's break out your nested IF statement to see what's happening:
True: A181
True: A181&$M$2,
False: IF(AND(F181=2,H181="LAM"),
True: A181&$M$3,
False: IF(AND(F181=3,H181="LAM"),
True: A181&$M$4))))

You have no final False result to show for the final test.

If H181 is blank or zero, then the value of A181 results
If H181 is equal to "LAM" then the concatenation of A181 and either M2, M3, or M4 (depending on the value of F181) results
If H181 is anything else then FALSE results (since you provided no result for this possible condition)

If you want the formula to result in a blank if H181 is indeed blank and not zero, then you'd need to add another test to the statement.  I assume you want the value of A181 to result if H181 is zero, so:

Note that I've added a result of "N/A" if none of the subsequent tests pass (ex., F181 is not 1-3, H181 is neither blank, zero, or "LAM")


PS  I highly recommend using the Evaluate Formula tool (Menu: Formulas, Formula Auditing section, Evaluate Formula).  It really helps debugging complex formulas like this.
evaluate formula

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Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
Thumbs Up Mr.Glenn Ray....   :) :) :)

Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
PPS  The whole formula I provided could also be composed like this:

120 characters vs. 147

PPPS :-)

107 characters. :-)
RWayneHAuthor Commented:
EXCELent!!  All good solutions and worked great.  Thanks.
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