Best Language for Web-based User Interface

We are getting ready to build a web-based user interface for our reporting application and are looking for opinions of the best language to use. The focus is almost entirely the user-experience.

Specifically, the application is a monitoring and reporting tool. Therefore the dashboard will be made up almost entirely of graph-based widgets, sliders and other rich user controls that the user needs to be able to expand and contract, drag/drop, etc.

We are looking for opinions on what you feel would be the best-of-breed web language to write this type of dashboard in.

Thanks in advance!

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
It is almost always the one you know best.  However, you 'app' is going to require a number of technologies.  For a web page based app, you will need javascript/jquery in addition to your server side language and someone will probably need to know how to convert data (probably from databases) to graphs / images' on the page.

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Agree with Dave, for the web based dashboard you can do no wrong with the jquery plugins of which there are many that can do graphs, pie charts etc that can take json or xml data and convert it into very nice looking frontend
dthansenAuthor Commented:
Gary/Dave, do either of you have a link to a nice web-based dashboard I can review?

Have a look at for some example jquery backends - there are literaly hundreds to look at.
One I use for a few sites is
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