Recommendations for a Camera Video and Still OCX Control or Driver for VB6

Hi I am using VB6 SP6 on win7 SP1 PRO 64bit.
I have found an OCX  named :   VIDEO_CAMERA_ACTIVEX.OCX

This ocx is working well and i have integrated it into my program/project.
I am using it to capture video and stills from a logitech usb camera and save the resulting images to the hard disk.
I am asking if anyone knows of a better, easier, cheaper one that works well.

The reason I ask is:
1. This one is expensive at $89 per user.
2. Video output is *.AVI and still capture output is *.BMP which is all very nice but they are not compressed formats and take a lot of disk space. I would have preferred *.jpg and *.mp4 format.
3. I have managed to use +- 90% of it's capability but it's help file is terrible at describing the parameters to it's methods implementation.

Thank you.
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DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Hi Moderator.. I think it is important to keep the question, because when some other poor sod wants to know about this he can know that there is only one ocx available and that either there are no others or that any and all of  experts exchange experts and moderators cannot offer any further advice on the matter.

Paul offered a comment on the predecessor to the ocx i mentioned and Thomas offered some info of the possibility of converting the saved avi / bmp to mp4 / jpg files.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
ezVidCap Component by Ray Mercer (VB6) isn't better, but seems to be free...
ActiveX Control
If you have a webcam and you want to use it in Visual Basic 6.0, then this is the ActiveX control for you.  This control can receive video from different sources, which can be changed at runtime.  It can take pictures, which makes it a good base for creating webcam software, as long as you know how to use FTP in Visual Basic.
Download here: ezVidCap
DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Thank you Paul. I will investigate your suggestion.
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DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Hi Paul the download does not exist at bvbcode... although i must say that the property settings pages described in your ezvidcap look identical to the one i currently have which seems a little weird to me.
DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Not sure how to proceed. I do not think there is a solution even though Paul made a suggestion.
DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Sirs, I have returned to check if there has been any progress in this matter. It would appear that there are no recommendations for a real alternative to the current ocx that I am currently using.

I find this unusual because hundreds of millions of people store and play graphic media on the computers all day every day.. and I also must admit that it is due to myself not being able to find alternatives that I opened the question on your esteemed portal of which I have been a premium member since April 2004.

Companies like Logitech et al have sold millions of cameras, and Skype host millions of video interactions every day.. I am at a loss for words that there might only be one control for visual basic out there. It seems that it is a very closed and or controlled marketplace.

Maybe I should withdraw this question.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Whatever you end up doing, you can use the free Xmedia Recode to convert large vide/audio files to smaller formats or even to phone formats (there are a ton of presets).

I personally prefer Camtasia Studio, which will record video and audio from your computer screen and/or webcam.  Everything is editable, although the initial files are large the file after production is much smaller.
DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank you very much Thomas for suggesting a video and audio converter program for me to use.

I was hoping to find a control *.ocx  that would store the video/audio in mp4/mp3 formats straight off, and, even more importantly, one that does not cost US$90 per workstation royalty.

For those persons who have been kind enough to reply to my request..

I have also been doing alternative investigation.

I have discovered that it is definitely going to be better to use an IP camera rather than a USB camera as drivers /sdk kits are more readily available with no distribution royalties payable. These IP camera's also store data in mp4/mp3 format by default. The storage format is very important because 30 seconds of typical *.avi uses about 500Mb whereas 30 seconds of *.mp4 uses only 12Mb.

Thank you once again commentators and experts for your various responses.. :)

Please close this question without solution Moderator.
DenzilSmithAuthor Commented:
The lack of provision of alternative ocx's by anyone answers my question as to whether there are alternatives.

I myself admit this is a strange one in that the lack of provision of info actually provides the answer.

Thank you all for your consideration(s) on this matter.
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