How concatenate field data

I have a form which contains 6 checkboxes.  If for example, checkbox 1 is true then a text field next to it is populated with "Apple".  If checkbox 2 is true then a textbox next to it is populated with "Orange".  If checkbox 3 is true then a textbox next to it is populated with "Banana".  If checkbox 4 is true then a textbox next to it is populated with "Pear".  If checkbox 5 is true then a textbox next to it is populated with "Grapes".  If checkbox 6 is true then a textbox next to it is populated with "Kiwi".  All of the checkboxes and text boxes are in a table that the form is using as its record source.

Then there is a field on a report that I need to have data concatenated into depending on the fields that have data in them based on those checkboxes.  In each case the data would be separated with "OR".  In addition to this there is static text before and after the concatenated string.  The first part would always be "The fruits available are" and the last part is "for you."

So, for example, if checkbox 1 and 3 and 4 were true, then the result in the concatenated field would be:

"The fruits available are Apple OR Banana OR Pear for you."

What would the VBA code be to make this happen on the report?  The trick seems to be getting rid of "OR" if there is no data in a field.
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Dim strFruits as string

 strFruits = ""

 If Me.chkBox1 = True then
    strFruits = strFruits "OR Apple"
End If

 If Me.chkBox2 = True then
    strFruits = strFruits "OR Orange"
End If

' rem and so on
' Then

' Strip off the first OR
If strFruits<>"" then
  strFruits = Mid$(strFruits,4)
  strMessage = "The fruits available are " & strFruits & " for you"
  strMessage "No fruits for you"
End If

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SteveL13Author Commented:
Absolutely perfect.  Thanks.
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