Moving GNS3 Projects from MAC to Windows

I have GNS Projects folder with all my GNS project files (configuration,topology,etc..) in Apple MAC computer. I copied everything to flash drive then from Flash to WIndows PC, now when I try to open GNS3 project I get the message shown in the screenshot below. I also have all IOS images in Windows.

as shown in the screenshot the messages gives me an option to use an alternate image, when I select it, it will open up the topology but when I start the routers and check the configuration with Show Run command, I do not see my saved configuration, it is like the router has never been configured.

Any help will be very much appreciated

Thank you

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jskfanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I will work on it later
Have you double checked that your GNS3 is pointing to the correct config folder?
-Also, you can try deleting all the files out of your "Working" directory, then try starting the routers up.
- For the image error, make sure you are pointing to the same image file name  and path that you have in your .net file.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
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