Get the file size


I have a file stored in the database that I need to get the size of it.

How can I do that?

 <cfquery name = "QRmvLgFiles"  datasource='#strDSN#' username='#strUID#' password='#strPWD#'>
   Select FileID, Description, UploadedFile, Uploadedasbinary from Files
   where IssueID = #AlertIssueId#

   <cfloop query="QRmvLgFiles">

//here I need to find out what is the file size for the objects that I uploaded. 

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I presume you refer to this field:

which is a binary field, likely.
you could simply get the binary field size by the relevant database function.
you can check the technical documentation of your rdbms, or tell us which db type you are using.
usualy it's a function with LEN, LENGTH in the name, or LENB for length in bytes...
What database are you using and what is the data type of the column

In the future, I suggest adding a field to your table for FileSize, then when you upload a new file, you can save the size of the file very easily.   To get the size of the file during upload, just use   CFFILE.FileSize  and save it.     This will allow you to query for the largest files or tell a user their total file size very easily.

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lulu50Author Commented:

Thank you that's a great idea!!!!
lulu50Author Commented:
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