Windows 8.1 Not accepting group policy (Denied - Security)

Hi Guys,

We currently have a 2k12 DC running a few group policy's on Win 7 machines with no problem. I recently upgraded my machine to 8.1 and since found that eventhough the PC is in the correct OU that I no longer inherit the group policy's.

I ran a GP Report and the DENIED GPO's state Access Denied - Security Filtering

Also get a SYSVOL error 65535

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I advised you to look at the security tab to see if those win8 machines are entitled to read and apply that policy.
Well, you leave us in the dark...of course first, you have to check the security tab of that policy.
sydlegAuthor Commented:
And what exactly should i be looking for if no settings have been changed on the GPO ?
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