Exchange server 2003 postmailbox storage offline

today my Exchange Server 2003 postmail storage offline gone.

how can i do online again. unfortunatly if i try to online then Comes Errror "new start Exchange Manager or Information storgae Service "
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Neeraj KumarConnect With a Mentor System adminCommented:
Generally defragmentation run slow depends on your whitespace in the database. In General eseutil for defragmentation run at 9GB /hour

Refer below mentioned article.
Neeraj KumarSystem adminCommented:
Might be your database has gone corrupt. You need to repair the same. To check the same whether it is database issue you need to create a blank database a restart the service .

Refer the below mentioned article
apollo-13Author Commented:
I stared usutils \d parameter but very slow goes (databe 250gb)
apollo-13Author Commented:
you are the best
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