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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Years back, after finding that Corsair made great PSUs, I started exclusively buying Cosair for myself and my clients,  i haven't seen one fail.      

You also need to figure out what components you intend to put in the system.   A PSU calculator will help with figuring the PSU wattage needed,
I'm running a 850w and a 950w Corsair on 2 systems each running 11  hard drives.
Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Corsair units are indeed very good, as long as you stay away from the low-end CX series, which won't work with many motherboard/CPU combinations.    They are not fully spec compliant.    But their TX series and above ... especially the HX and AX units ... are excellent.    I've used many HX series supplies over the last few years.

Another excellent choice is the Seasonic X series.
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Steve, what for do you need the ratings? if we know better what you want, we can offer tailored answers
SteveDicoAuthor Commented:
I went with an HX series 1010w unit.

Thanks for all the effort to assist me!
SteveDico I'd like to add, where possible get a certification that the PSU does what it says.
It has been tested to perform without any fluctuations guaranteed.
That is why I always get Antec/ 7 year warranty and certified.
SteveDicoAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Merete,

 I appreciate your valuable tip!

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The question was about finding a quality power supply.

Tailoreddigital noted that Corsair was an excellent choice in his initial comment [ https:#a40222835 ];  and I expanded on that by noting that their lower-end units were significantly less robust and suggested he stay with an AX or HX unit  [ https:#a40223411 ].

The author subsequently noted that "... I went with an HX series 1010w unit. "  [ https:#a40234091 ]

Based on that, it's clear he listed to the advice in the first two posts -- I'd suggest a split between https:#a40222835 and https:#a40223411

I haven't had any issues with the CX series.  

If allowed,

Gary what kind of issues come up (so i know what to watch for)?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I've seen several instances where a system wouldn't boot with a CX series unit, but works fine with a higher quality unit.    This is almost certainly due to better power regulation (both load regulation and line regulation); less ripple; better transient response; lower inrush current when powered up; and better overvoltage/overcurrent protection.

In most cases the quality difference doesn't matter; but with the very low sleep state loads of Haswell or later generation Intel CPU's the lower quality units can definitely have issues.

The simple fact is there are design tradeoffs when building a low-cost power supply that absolutely impact the quality of the power that the unit provides.    I simply don't use the low-end units from ANY manufacturer.

One way to tell how well a unit is designed is to look at the warranty.    While this is largely a marketing decision, the manufacturers DO provide notably better warranty coverage for their higher quality units.    e.g. Corsair provides a 2-3 year warranty on the CX series units; but typically 7 to 10 years on their higher quality lines.    Same is true for other major makers.
I appreciate your info.
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