Use Lookups to Simplify IF Long Formula

Hi Experts, I was hoping you could assist in helping me use indirects/lookups to simplify a an IF formula that I have.
Basically I want the indirect to look up the relevant value in the correct "XXXHrPerSortie" worksheets based on the selection in D14 .

The reason I'm looking for this is I'm wanting to expand D14 to have "Custom 1", "Custom 2", "Custom 3", etc.... and I do not want to have to limit/write the current formula up to a certain Custom Number.

Current Formula:
=IF($D$14="SOUTH WEST REGION (SWR)",$D$57*(INDEX(SWRHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,SWRHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours, IF($D$14="SOUTH EAST REGION (SER)",$D$57*(INDEX(SERHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,SERHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours, IF($D$14="NASO - NATIONAL AIR SECURITY OPERATIONS (NSO)",$D$57*(INDEX(NASOHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,NASOHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours, IF($D$14="NORTHERN BORDER REGION (NBR)",$D$57*(INDEX(NBRHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,NBRHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours, IF($D$14="HQ AND CENTERS",$D$57*(INDEX(HQCHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,HQCHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours, IF($D$14="All",$D$57*(INDEX(AllHrPerSortie!I2:I8,MATCH($I3,AllHrPerSortie!H2:H8,0)))/LawHours))))))
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Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
This is hard for me to test without actual values (ex., "LawHours" value, value in I3, value in D57), but try this:

Replace the range $D$2:$E$7 with the range that describes the valid values for D14 and their associated worksheet names.  You can rename this as a range name and move to any other worksheet in your workbook if you like.

See my example workbook to follow.


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-PolakAuthor Commented:
Okay, I followed you up until

Open in new window

LawHours exists in Constants!$L$3 not in I2. I2 on my spreadsheet is just the title of the I3:I8 range. Further, LawHours is constant and does not change from the SWR, SER, NASO, NBR, HQC, ALL so I am confused why it is part of the vlookup....
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Each of your original sub-formulas were dividing the $D$57*INDEX(...(MATCH(...)) result by LawHours, so I'm continuing that here.  It doesn't matter where LawHours exists, just that it does.  If you want to move my placement to another sample sheet, it will still work.

Note that I had to create this from scratch just guessing on the values shown in your initial formula.  A redacted example workbook will always help Experts provide a more-meaningful result.
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-PolakAuthor Commented:
Figured it out! I had moved around a column that was causing an #N/A value and I thought it had to do with LawHours; your solution worked great thank you!
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
You're welcome; glad I was able to help.
-PolakAuthor Commented:
As a follow-up thanks for letting me know that indirects can be used to lookup the values on Named Ranges. I did added  this yesterday to the formula and it vastly simplified my life.

=IFERROR(IF($D$23<>"Manual Asset",($D$57*(INDEX(INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,2,FALSE)&"!H2:H8"),MATCH($I3,INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,2,FALSE)&"!G2:G8"),0)))/LawHours), ((($D$61*(INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,3,FALSE))))+(INDEX(INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,2,FALSE)&"!H2:H8"),MATCH($I3,INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,2,FALSE)&"!G2:G8"),0))-(INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($D$29,WorkforceReqsLookup,3,FALSE)))))*$D$63/LawHours)),0)
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