Cisco: Using a vlan for the next hop for static routing examples/labs/documentation

Looking for examples of using a vlan for the next hop with the ip route command, an example would be:
6509 switch with vlan 100 received traffic from IP address and is sent out a vlan interface, I'm wanting to know how an explanation of how this works and some examples, perfer labs as examples?

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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
Do you mean specifying the VLAN interface instead of the next hop when creating a static route?
That would be a... bad idea. Since a VLAN interface is connected to a multi-access network, it wouldn't work. The only time a route should use an interface instead of a next hop address is when it's connected to a point-to-point network (as in only two hosts).
If you are referring to basic inter VLAN routing, this this should answer your question -
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