Sonicwall site to site VPN, no access to remote network

Some info for the below scenario.

Site A -
Site B -

Sonicwall at Site A -
Sonicwall at Site B -

I have a site to site VPN active between two remote locations.  The VPN is established fine.  People at site B can access the server at site A.  I log on to the server ( at site A and I try to go to the web management page for the Sonciwall at site B and I cannot acess.  I CAN ping from the server with no issue.  I also want to access a network Buffalo drive which is at Site B.  The address is  I want to access this from the server at Site A ( and I cannot do so.

Again, people at site B CAN access servers and data at site A.  As far as I know everything on both Sonicwalls are set the same.

Does anyone have any thoughts?
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At site B is there an "access list" that allows the site A subnet range to access site B.
pgoldwasserAuthor Commented:
At site B there is a firewall rule that is allowing all traffic from the A subnet range to access site B.
is that firewall rule allowing https? Can you post the configuration from both firewalls for comparison?
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When configuring the STS VPN did you remember to define the network access at Site B on the VPN config, Network tab, similar to what you did on the Site A Sonicwall.
Peter WilsonITCommented:
You have to enable Management on the VA on the applicable Zone.
pgoldwasserAuthor Commented:
Here are the specific settings on both Sonciwalls.  Unfortunately I cannot download the config to a file like on a Cisco device.

Site A (main office with the file server)
VPN Zone is set to Allow Interface Trust
Address Object VPN_SiteB -
Firewall LAN > VPN
LAN      >      VPN         1      LAN Primary Subnet                     VPN_SiteB       Any      Allow
LAN      >      VPN         2      WAN RemoteAccess Networks     Any                      Any      Allow
LAN      >      VPN         3      WLAN RemoteAccess Networks   Any                      Any      Allow
Firewall VPN > LAN
VPN      >      LAN         1      VPN_SiteB      LAN Primary Subnet    Any                              Allow      
VPN      >      LAN         2      Any                     All Interface IP                  SNMP                              Allow      
VPN      >      LAN         3      Any                     All Interface IP                  SSH Management      Allow      
VPN      >      LAN         4      Any                     All Interface IP                  HTTPS Management      Allow      VPN      >      LAN         5      Any                     All Interface IP                  HTTP Management      Allow      VPN      >      LAN         6   Any                     All X0 Management IP      SNMP                      Allow      
VPN      >      LAN         7   Any                     All X0 Management IP      Ping                              Allow
VPN Settings > Network page
Local Network - LAN Primary Subnet
Remote Network - VPN_SiteB

Site B - Remote Network
VPN Zone is set to Allow Interface Trust
Address Object - VPN_SiteA -
Firewall LAN > VPN
LAN      >      VPN         1  LAN Subnets                                      VPN_SiteA     Any      Allow
LAN >      VPN     2  WLAN RemoteAccess Networks      Any                    Any      Allow
Firewall VPN > LAN
VPN >       LAN    1  Any                  All X0 Management IP                SNMP      Allow      
VPN >       LAN    2  Any                      All X0 Management IP                  Ping      Allow      VPN >       LAN    3  Any                      All Interface IP                            HTTPS      Allow      VPN >       LAN    4      VPN_SiteA      LAN Subnets                                  Any      Allow      
VPN >       LAN    5  Any                      WLAN RemoteAccess Networks Any      Alloow
VPN Settings > Network Page
Local Network - LAN Subnets
Remote Networks - VPN_SiteA

I think that is all of the settings that are pertinant.  Most of the firewall rules are created when the VPN is created and cannot be edited.  So again, SiteB can access data at SiteA but not the other way around.

Peter WilsonITCommented:
it looks like you don't have management setup in site B. Site A has the following for mgmt.:

VPN      >      LAN         5      Any                     All Interface IP                  HTTP Management      Allow  

You configure this within the VPN Policy within Site B.

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pgoldwasserAuthor Commented:
"You have to enable Management on the VA on the applicable Zone."

I do not see how to enable Management on the zone.  Management can only be enabled on the interface, and that is either LAN or WAN.  If enabled on the LAN zone, I should be able to use it through the VPN.  I could live without this if only I could access data on SiteB from SiteA.
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