Configuring VPN to 2008R2 server from Windows 7 workstation using Linksys WRT54 router

I need to configure internet based synchronization of ACT 2012.  The current server, where the ACT Synchronization service is on a Win 2008R2 (SBS 2011) server,  Workstation is Win7.  The router currently installed is a Linksys WRT54G router.  I have used Cisco VPN's in the past.  I want to secure this connection instead of using normal port forwarding from the outside.

Is this possible with this setup.  The site does not really want to install a more advanced Cisco appliance that provides a firewall.

How to you accomplish this setup.  I have seen some posts on this, but it is not entirely clear.
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Schuyler DorseyCommented:
Really the only way I can think of is to secure it via VPN. If there will be 2 or fewer users, you can use the free version of OpenVPN.

If you are willing to experiment a little, you can install DD-WRT on your router so long as it is a support model. There is a tutorial on setting up DD-WRT as an OpenVPN Access Server.

I do, however, must stress that none of this is ideal.. other than you choosing not to forward ports (the right decision).

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cwsoft05Author Commented:
A workable solution is to use teamviewer, paid version since it is for commercial usage, and their vpn option.  It creates a VPN for the time needed to do the synchronization process  and meets the needs of this application.
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
I agree.. though for that amount of money, I probably would have considered the Cisco ASA 5505 instead.
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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
cwsoft05Author Commented:
They already had the software previously for other purposes.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
But do those links answer your question?
cwsoft05Author Commented:
Yes they answer the questions but I had already looked at quite of few of these links.  I had done the synchronization and that was in place.  Just needed to securely synch from outside the office.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
The only issue I see sometimes with VPN is that sometimes they don't pass the NetBios names (machine names) and you have to set the remote sync connection to the IP or have it set in the remote systems hosts file
cwsoft05Author Commented:
Thanks, I will keep that in mind.  I looked at Himachi instructions and will test with the 2nd computer I need to setup similarly.  Right now the Teamviewer VPN is resolving the server name, but it is possible that specifying the IP address may be needed.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
BTW: Another security option is to put the sync server outside the router and only allow traffic in from it... as per:
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