Using PowerPivot/PowerQuery on multiple pc/users sharing the datasource connections

I have a pivot table that has multiple connections from 2 SQL database tables. I have tried multiple times to get another users pc setup so that they are able to refresh the Pivot table data. I tried with a direct ODBC connection to the SQL Tables and also Creating an .odc file placed in their "My Datasource" folder.

I tried to refresh the data connection string and it fails saying that not a valid path see administrator.

I am looking for the best solution in setting up a user so that they are able to manipulate the Pivot table. Please keep in mind that the original Pivot was created on 64bit pc and the user is 32bit, would that make a difference?
Karen SchaeferBI ANALYSTAsked:
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Russell FoxDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Yes, it could be trying to use a 32-bit provider. Can you post the connection string (change passwords/usernames/servers to something random for security)?
Karen SchaeferBI ANALYSTAuthor Commented:
here is what is currently displayed for datasource for the 64 bit system.

Power Query Connection
    Source = Sql.Database("", "lte_lte_integration_db"),
    #"td_ALL LTE DEFECTS" = Source{[Schema="td",Item="ALL LTE DEFECTS"]}[Data]

    Source = Sql.Database("", "tpr_qe_db"),

ODBC Connection on 32 bit:
Connections Property:
Provider=Microsoft.Mashup.OleDb.1;Data Source=$EmbeddedMashup(6ce2e52d-021a-4d02-9b48-8a1c25a64bff)$;Location=TPR;Extended Properties=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Russell FoxDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Have you installed Power Query on the user's machine?
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Karen SchaeferBI ANALYSTAuthor Commented:
Russell FoxDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Gotcha. That image is just a SQL Server connection issue: I don't see where ks540x is specified as the user in the connection - is that the local user? Does that user have select access on the SQL tables used by the pivot table?
GRANT SELECT ON dbo.MyTable TO ks540x;
Also make sure the SQL server allows remote connections:
Right-click the SQL Server instance name -> Properties -> Connections -> Allow remote connections to this server
Karen SchaeferBI ANALYSTAuthor Commented:
Turns out I misinterpreted the issue with the user.  After having the use step thru the issue we realized that turns out that Power Pivot Table functions slightly different from the old Pivot table and the problem was  a User learning curve issue.  instead of using the properties window to change the look of the Pivot Table - the user was attempting to click and drag from the Report filter within the Pivot table and not within the Properties windw.

Thanks for your time

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Russell FoxDatabase DeveloperCommented:
No worries, I've certainly been there!
Karen SchaeferBI ANALYSTAuthor Commented:
award points for the contributors time - solved issue
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