Netgear M4100 switch config

Dear All,

I'm trying to configure the M4100 with what i'm sure is a basic setup and currently failing.

The switch i.p is and our Vigor router is .1.254 and in port 50

I have setup 3 Vlans, VLAN10 on ports 1 to 10 which is DHCP serving

VLAN20 on ports 11 to 20 DHCP serving i.p's

VLAN30 on ports 21 to 30 DHCP serving 192.16830.0 i.p's

What I want to do is have all internet traffic from the 3 VLANS go out through the Vigor router in Port 50, the vigor router's i.p is

I've gone round in circles so many times i'm dizzy.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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If I understand the question correctly you just want port 50 of your switch to be the default gateway for all your VLANs. I'm more familiar with older Netgear kit, but if you have a look at page 206 of the web management user guide found here:

... that may shed some light on the difficulty, as I think that you need to configure port 50 as a router port.
t2sAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the post,

I've made some progress, I now have all 3 VLAN's getting internet access through our Vigor Router, using a default route on the M4100 and static routes back from the Vigor.

My issue now is that devices on VLAN10, 20 and 30 can all ping each other.. I was expecting them to not be able to communicate with each other.
Well, something isn't right. How have you configured the routes?
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t2sAuthor Commented:
I've got a default route sending all traffic to my Vigor router.
Each Vlan assigns an i.p and has access to the Internet, but machines on VLAN10 can ping machines on VLAN20 and 30 and
If you disconnect the Vigor router van you still ping between VLANs?
t2sAuthor Commented:
Yes, with the Vigor disconnected I can still ping between VLAN's
Sorry for the delay in responding; I've been away.

What is your management VLAN? On the M4100, by default, this is VLAN1 and all ports are members of it. When you set up your VLANs, did you remove the ports you assigned to them from VLAN1 when you added them to the VLANs you were setting up?
t2sAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

nobody produced an adequate response
Well, the last question I asked still hasn't been answered some three months after I posted it...

The original problem of getting the traffic out to the internet appears to have been solved.

I confess that I'm a little surprised that no-one else has picked up this question; I can't be the only contributor who has some familiarity with Netgear products.

Perhaps the question should be resubmitted as a VLAN problem, as that seems to be the current issue.

If I contributed to the resolution of the first issue, it would be nice to have that acknowledged, but if I didn't provide anything useful then so be it.

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