Recommendations for SATA Cables to connect HDD to a desktop?

Hello experts,

I'm trying to install 2 Western Digital Red HDDs to my desktop (Dell XPS 8700, that already came with an internal drive)

I'm not sure if I need 18, 24 or 36 inches and straight or angled connections. :(

Could you please recommend something from monoprice?

How about these:

And I guess, I need something like this as well?:

Thanks so very much for your time.
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it's very much down to preference when it comes to length and connection.

Depending where in the case you have space for the drives, the shortest cables should be fine, but it can be a stretch. go for the medium or longer cable and you'll be fine.

with regard to the connector, again its your choice. there is space to fit straight or angled, but angled is neater so most people prefer it.

with regard to the power connector, check if you have enough sata power connectors free. if not you should definitely but one or two of those too.
since there are several models of XPS 8700, it's impossible to say what you've got.
i would open the box first, and look what's inside, regarding sata connectors, cables and power connection
that will shwo you what you need
if not sure, post a couple of pictures showing the connectors and cables.

**are you sure the system did not come with spare material ?
I'm trying to install 2 Western Digital Red HDDs to my desktop (Dell XPS 8700, that already came with an internal drive)<< this internal drive is a SSD already has 2 terrabytes drive?
Before you try this please do check your power supply has sufficient power to run these extra HDD's and not to 65% at max load , so I looked for you

Looks like the XPS comes with a meagre  460w PSU. I  recommend a 600w PSU or more with this Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 graphics processor plus 1 ssd 2 internal HDD- a DVD rom all on the same Power supply?
You could get a bottleneck with so much ram fast GHz no power.

My system has 840w Antac. with the nvidia GT680 oc  2 gig of ram onboard.
You should consider external  HDD case for them they have their own power and plugs in to the USB
•Turns your 3.5" SATA hard drive into an external hard drive.
•Supports 3.5" SATA HDD up to 1.5TB.  
•Great for backing up information, moving files and adding extra storage.
•USB 2.0 interface.
•Supports High-Speed transfer rate up to 480 Mbps.
•Plug-and-play compatible.
There's a deal here going for another 5 hours
If not consider upgrading your power supply unit
focus15Author Commented:
Thanks so much everyone.. I'll try to take a picture and post here ASAP.

@Merete: I have too many external HDDs floating around so I thought I could put 2 drives inside the CPU. I've been using this USB 3.0 Enclosure:

The internal drive that came with the system is a 1 TB Seagate HDD. From what I've read, it looks like the PSU should be able to withstand the power requirements.. Are you sure that they won't suffice?
Hi, I am only offering this for consideration focus152
Are you using windows 7?
OEM systems are just that focus15 original equipment manufacturers and have only minimal and adequate onboard stuff.
The PSU is the most important piece of hardware on the system imho, everything relies on it.
A PSU should never exceed 65% of max output.
What do you have connected to your system?
Lets say one HDD system drive, one video card it states recommended PSU, Sound card, DVD/CD rom,
 PSU with OEM will provide sufficient for these, then when you add
printer/scanner, camera?  HDD/s  try and have them powered separately,
When you start to do video stuff or  play games with extra hardware added you will exceed this.
Just like in our cars that have a battery when we start adding bigger stereo system bigger speakers bigger spot lights we must check the battery out put
Power Supplies Explained: How To Pick The Perfect PSU For Your Computer
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The XPS 8700 has PLENTY of power for 2 WD Reds ... that is NOT an issue.   460w is not what I'd call "meager" ... most people tend to significantly overbuy what they actually need for power supplies.      With the specifications on that system, the 460w  is plenty.   You'd only need to upgrade that if you were going to add a high-end discrete graphics card.    The unit that ships with the 8700 doesn't come close to stressing the PSU.

If you want to confirm this, buy one of these very-handy-to-have gadgets and measure your system's actual power consumption:

But I have no doubt your current PSU can easily support your 2 WD Reds.   [By the way, do you already have these drives? ... if not, you may want to look at the new 6TB versions :-) ]

As for mounting the drives in your case.   The 8700 has a 2-drive cage, plus a 3rd drive mounting position accessible from the front.    The manual clearly shows how to mount your 2nd and 3rd drives.    From the diagrams in the manual, it seems likely that you simply need straight-to-straight SATA cables, and probably not very long.   I'd definitely not buy them any longer than 18" ... or you may want to open the case and actually measure what works best.    As for power cables, the manual IMPLIES that there are already power connectors for a 2nd and 3rd hard drive ... so look inside before you order any adapters.    Depending on what's available, you may not need a molex-SATA, but may need a SATA Y-adapter to plug 2 drives into a single SATA power connection  [ ]

It's almost certain that you do NOT need these, but just in case the drives mount in a way that it'd be handy to have them (or perhaps the motherboard connections would work better with them), here's a link to some "left-hand" SATA cables that can be very hard to find (Monoprice doesn't sell them):      They sell them (and other SATA cables) in a variety of lengths, which can be very handy at keeping your cabling "neat" in your case.

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focus15Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, Gary.. Much appreciated.

Here are a few pics from the CPU:

Slot and Power cable for 2nd Drive?
Slot for 3rd Drive and Power Cable
Slots for 2nd and 3rd Drives
I wonder what these cables are for..
>>  Slot and Power cable for 2nd Drive?  <<  here you have the space for mounting a drive
>>  Slot for 3rd Drive and Power Cable  <<  this is a spare sata power connector
>>  I wonder what these cables are for..  <<  this is an aux  6-pin cpu power connector
you need only a cable alike the blue one here :
>>  Slot and Power cable for 2nd Drive?  <<

 469 KB
Slot for 3rd Drive and Power Cable
Slot for 3rd Drive and Power Cable

 732 KB
Slots for 2nd and 3rd Drives
Slots for 2nd and 3rd Drives

 686 KB
I wonder what these cables are for..
I wonder what these cables are for..


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nobus2014-08-12 at 19:12:42ID: 40256289

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>>  Slot and Power cable for 2nd Drive?  <<  here you have the space for mounting a drive
 >>  Slot for 3rd Drive and Power Cable  <<  this is a spare sata power connector
 >>  I wonder what these cables are for..  <<  this is an aux  6-pin cpu power connector


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so you need a cable like the blue one
focus15Author Commented:
Thanks nobus..

So, I'm just getting this one:

I should be all set, right?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
r.e.  "... I wonder what these cables are for.."

They are NOT  "... aux 6-pin cpu power connector "  cables (as nobus said above).   They are PCI Express Auxilliary Graphics power connectors -- you would use them if you installed a graphics card that required more power than the PCIe bus could provide.

Clearly you already have power connectors for the 2nd and 3rd drives, so all you have to do is install them; plug in the power connections; and add SATA cables between the drives and the additional SATA ports on your motherboard.

Follow the instructions in the manual to access the slots -- for example, the 3rd slot is accessed from the front of the PC.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
So, I'm just getting this one:

Looking at the pictures, I would NOT use a right-angle connector for the 2nd drive ... I think a straight-to-straight would be preferable.    The 3rd drive could use either type.

As for length ... how long is the blue SATA connector that goes from the 1st drive to the SATA port on the motherboard?     That's the length you'd like for the 2nd drive.    For the 3rd drive, it looks like it needs to be 3" or so longer than that.
i believe you can use the cable with the rigth angle - providing you have the space downward (at least an inch)
and for a normal case - the length is ok.
focus15Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for the replies, nobus and Gary.

I ordered both angled and straight connectors.  18 inches each.. Will try both.

For the third drive, I guess I can get either of these, right:


Thanks again for your time and insights.. Greatly appreciate them.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Sure, either of those will work fine.

Did you measure the length of the current cable between the disk and motherboard?

That would give you an idea of the optimal length to keep the cables really neat; although an 18" cable will certainly work.     I buy most of my cables from Monoprice, but when I want shorter lengths I get them from CPUStuff, which has them in just about any length you might want from 10" on up.
focus15Author Commented:
Thanks again, Gary. I haven't but I'll be sure to measure it.

Never heard of CPUStuff but I'll give them a try.. Thanks :)
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Monoprice also sells 10" cables, but nothing between that and 18".    I keep a few of these around for when a system just needs a fairly short cable:

I also stock a few of the Monoprice 18" cables, so I don't have to order them every time I need one.    [Whenever I order from Monoprice, I tend to "stock up" a bit to take advantage of what I'm having to pay for shipping]

CPUStuff is better if you want intermediate lengths (12", 14", etc.) or you you happen to need "left hand" cables (which Monoprice doesn't sell).
focus15Author Commented:
Nice. I'll be sure to stock some cables..

I wonder what you mean by "left hand" cables? :(
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"I wonder what you mean by "left hand" cables? :(  " ==>  If you buy a SATA cable with an angled connector, the cable normally goes in the direction that the small keyed notch in the connector points.    This is a "right hand" cable.

On a left-hand connector the cable goes in the opposite direction.

See the following pictures and look carefully at the relationship of the connector vs. the cable.

Right-Hand SATA Connector

Left-Hand SATA Connector
focus15Author Commented:
Cool, good to know !! Thanks for the pics :)
focus15Author Commented:
Do the connections look ok to you guys:

SATA and Power
SSD Power
I'll wait to hear from you guys before I power the system.. Thanks so much again.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Everything looks good -- power it up !
focus15Author Commented:
Thanks again everyone for all your help.. I'm delighted with SSD's performance just like every other SSD user.. :)
Thankyou focus15
all the best!!
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