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Hello Experts,

This may sound very odd. But I offer 4 different categories that I offer for my business. They are Computer, Web, Data and Network related services. So I'm trying to come up with professional names for the "Network" section and I'm drawing a blank with professional catchy names. So far, I have the following below, but I'm not sure if what I have below can be categorized into something that sounds more professional.

What I have now:

Network Maintenance
Network Security
Firewall Installation and Configuration
Wired Network Installation
Wireless Network Installation
Network Cable Installation & Repair

I also want to mention that I have setup Servers on existing networks and would be able to setup a network with Windows Server 20xx and Active Directory with DHCP and DNS. But I'm not sure how to categorize the naming for all that to keep it short and professional.
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In my opinion you don't really need a catchy name etc. People who are looking for help in what your offering is basically - networking services. Many independent networking consulting companies have their own name that doesn't really reflect something so specific, people understand that all those things you listed are under the umbrella of "Networking Services".
agreed. catchy names are a gimmick. the term 'networking services' is generally accepted and gets your point across fine.
asp_net2Author Commented:
I totally understand. Perhaps I didn't word what I'm looking for correctly. So, the category name will be "Network". However there a lot of things that I will place under that category. I want to be able to list different types of Network services for people to see what I offer such as what I mentioned above and below. I'm just looking for other types of services under the name "Network" that I may not have listed below. Make sense now? :) I'm sorry, if I wasn't clear, it was at the end of the day and my mind was thinking faster than my fingers :)

Network Services:
  - Network Maintenance
  - Network Security
  - Firewall Installation and Configuration
  - Wired Network Installation
  - Wireless Network Installation
  - Network Cable Installation & Repair

Also, I see a lot of companies list "Network Maintenance" and "Network Security" on their websites. But what would you both consider to be part of "Network Maintenance" and "Network Security" other than just there names that I have listed? I would assume that "Firewall Installation and Configuration" could be considered part of "Network Security", right?

1. What about setting up a local network for a business, what type of services would you call that?
2. What type of service would you call setting up a server with a server OS, DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory and connecting 50+ computers to it?
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You've pretty much covered it really. those items do describe what you're asking for.
You could probable get 'network infrastructure' & 'network troubleshooting' in there somewhere if you'd like.
asp_net2Author Commented:
Hi totallytonto,

Ok, I have a few things maybe you can help me clear up then. See them below:

- Should I list "Firewall Installation & Configuration" or would that be part of "Network Security"?
- What type of work would be covered under "Network Infrastructure" as you mentioned?

My biggest worry is that people may not understand what may be covered under "Network Infrastructure", "Network Maintenance", and "Network Security". Should I not worry about that as much? If so, how else can I word those 3 items to make them more clear as to what can be offered?
"Network Infrastructure" - is typically the switches, routers, firewalls, etc, the backbone of the network, the core equipment.
"Network Security" - Can be those devices such as hardware firewall but can also be application wise as well.

I think you might be to preoccupied on the categorization of all the secondary services a bit perhaps. In my opinion, if someone saw "Network Security" they know what that means. For a company\business that is searching for infrastructure, security or anything network related as you mentioned they know that the terms "Network Infrastructure" and "Network Security" involve all those other things you're mentioning.

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I agree. You're overthinking this. If you are not sure what a 'category' means then don't use it. if you don't know then your potential clients wont know either.

keep it simple. just use phrases that are widely used instead of trying to find clever ways to show what you do.
asp_net2Author Commented:
Ok, what about Network Maintenance? What would typically be listed under that?

I'm still a little confused on how I should be wording everything. Not everyone is techie who may visit my site. I may have users who understand the terminology and others that do not. I would say from my currently clients that about 80% are not techie at all. So, using those big words may not work so well, but then again it doesn't look professional either to list a whole bunch of stuff if it can be categorized

For example, "Wireless Network Installation" I setup home Wireless routers for clients and that is how I have it listed on my site now. But if I put that into "Network Security" they may not think I setup home Wireless Networks. I would prefer to categorize but then some users may not understand.
From what you are describing yor target audience may not recognise the categories youre trying to implement. You may be best to keep it simple and list list what you do in a way your clients may recognise.
Sorry. 'Just list... Not 'list list'...
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