Site loads in IE / Not in FF

Posted on 2014-07-29
Last Modified: 2014-07-29

Apologies in advanced for my limited HTML, but if somebody could point me in the right direction, I'd be greatly appreciated.

I have a converted .hta --> .html that's being hosted on IIS.  When the site loads using IE, everything works fine (I get the banner message).

Using FF, the banner message never appears, and I'm stuck with a white screen.  Would anybody be able to tell why this could be happening?

		<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
		<title>Mailbox Audit Utility</title>
		<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href=".\Images\icoEnvelope.ico"> 
		<!-- VBScript -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\AD.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- AD information retrei*SCRUBBED*l -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\BES.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- Blackberry information retrei*SCRUBBED*l -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\DataManip.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- String manipulation -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\Core.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- Global functions and subroutines -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\EAS.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- EAS information retrei*SCRUBBED*l -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\ExchangeServerInfo.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- Mailbox history module -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\HTMLOutput.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- HTML parsing -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\Init.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- Script initialization and required constants -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\MBHistory.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT> <!-- Mailbox history module -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\Workflow.vbs" LANGUAGE="VBScript"></SCRIPT>  <!-- Workflow routines -->
		<!-- Ja*SCRUBBED*Script -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\CreateTree.js" LANGUAGE="Ja*SCRUBBED*Script"></SCRIPT> <!-- Navigation tree control -->
			<SCRIPT SRC=".\Scripts\TabContent.js" LANGUAGE="Ja*SCRUBBED*Script"></SCRIPT> <!-- Tabbed content control -->
	<div id="divBannerMOTD" class="displayHidden">
						<a href=http://www.*SCRUBBED*.*SCRUBBED*><img src=".\Images\Logo_90x90.gif" align="middle" style="border-style: none"></a>
			This system is intended to be used by [authorized *SCRUBBED* network users] for viewing
			and retrieving information only except as otherwise explicitly authorized.
			*SCRUBBED* information resides on and transmits through computer systems and networks
			funded by *SCRUBBED*; all use is considered to be understanding and acceptance that there
			is no reasonable expectation of pri*SCRUBBED*cy for any data or transmissions on Government
			Intranet or Extranet (non-public) networks or systems.
			All transactions that occur on this system and all data transmitted through this
			system are subject to review and action including (but not limited to) monitoring,
			recording, retrieving, copying, auditing, inspecting, investigating, restricting
			access, blocking, tracking, disclosing to authorized personnel, or any other authorized
			actions by all authorized *SCRUBBED* and law enforcement personnel.
			All use of this system constitutes understanding and unconditional acceptance of
			these terms.
			Unauthorized attempts or acts to either (1) access, upload, change, or delete
			information on this system, (2) modify this system, (3) deny access to this system,
			or (4) accrue resources for unauthorized use on this system are strictly prohibited.
			Such attempts or acts are subject to action that may result in criminal, civil,
			or administrative penalties.
		<center><input id=btnAckBanner type="button" value="Acknowledge" name="btnAckBanner" onClick="subBtnAckBanner"><!-- .\Scripts\Workflow.vbs --></center>
		<!-- HTML content begin -->
			<div id="divRoot" class="displayHidden">
				<div id="divHeader">
								<a href=http://www.*SCRUBBED*.*SCRUBBED*><img src=".\Images\Logo_90x90.gif" title="*SCRUBBED*" alt="*SCRUBBED*" style="border-style: none"></a>
								<b><center>*SCRUBBED*<br>Mailbox Auditing Utility</center></b>
					<ul id="navBar">
						<li><a href="#divNavSearch" onclick="subNavControl Me" title="Search Active Directory">Search</a></li>
						<li><a href="#divNavBrowse" onclick="subNavControl Me" title="Browse Active Directory">Browse</a></li>
						<li><a href="#divNavBBInfo" onclick="subNavControl Me" title="BES Information">Blackberry</a></li>
						<li><a href="#divNavEASInfo" onclick="subNavControl Me" title="EAS Information">EAS</a></li>
						<li><a href="#divNavMBHist" onclick="subNavControl Me" title="Mailbox History">MB History</a></li>
						<li><a href="#divNa*SCRUBBED*ctLog" onClick="subNavControl Me" title="Activity Log">Log</a></li>
				<div id="divDynamicContent">
								<div id="divNavSearch" class="displayHidden">
									<span title="*SCRUBBED*lid search options:  (1) LastName, Firstname  (2) SMTP  (3) DOMAIN\sAMAccountName  *Wildcards are implied.">
										Search:  <input type="text" name="txtADSearch" size="35"><input id=btnSearch type="button" value="Search" name="btnSearch"  onClick="subADSearch"><!-- .\Scripts\Workflow.vbs --><br><br>
									<font size=1>									
										<span title="Specify search on whether or not to utilize a global catalog server.  *Recursive searches can be very slow.">
											<b>Search Type</b><br>
											<input type="radio" name="rdoGC" value="SearchGC" checked>GC
											<input type="radio" name="rdoGC" value="SearchRecursive">Recursive (Non GC)<br><br>
										<span title="Determine whether or not to include AD group memmbership information within search.  *Full group inclusion can be very slow.">
											<b>AD Group Search Option</b><br>
											<input type="radio" name="rdoADGroups" value="SearchADGroupsNone" checked>None
											<input type="radio" name="rdoADGroups" value="SearchADGroupsFull">Full
											<input type="radio" name="rdoADGroups" value="SearchADGroupsUniv">Universal
											<input type="radio" name="rdoADGroups" value="SearchADGroupsLocal">Local<br><br>
										<span title="Select optional external data sources for inclusion.">
											<b>External Data Sources</b><br>
											<input type="checkbox" name="chkIncludeBES" checked>Blackberry<br>
											<input type="checkbox" name="chkIncludeEAS" checked>EAS<br>
											<input type="checkbox" name="chkIncludeMBHistory" checked>MB History
								<div id="divNavBrowse" class="displayHidden">
									<div class="MouseOver_Default">
										<ul id="NavTree" class="CreateTree"></ul>
								<div id="divNavEASInfo" class="displayHidden">
								<div id="divNavMBHist" class="displayHidden">
									Search:  <input type="text" name="txtMBHistSearch" size="35"><input id=btnSearch type="button" value="Search" name="btnMBHistSearch"  onClick="subMBHistSearch"><!-- .\Scripts\Workflow.vbs --><br>
								<div id="divNavBBInfo" class="displayHidden">
								<div id="divNavActLog" class="displayHidden">
									<span id="spanActivityLog"></span>
									<input id="btnClearActivityLog" type="button" value="Clear Log" name="btnReturn"  onClick="subDeleteActivityLog"><!-- .\Scripts\Workflow.vbs -->
								<div id="divProgress" class="displayHidden">
										<br><br>Processing request.  Please wait...<br><br><img src=".\Images\animProgSpin.gif" width="36" height="36">
									<span id="spanProgress"></span>
								<div id="div*SCRUBBED*DObjects"  class="displayHidden">
									<select name="listADObject" onChange="sublstADObjectChange" style="width: 250px" size="20"></select>
			<div id="divResults"  class="displayHidden padding_10percent">
				<span id="spanDynamicHTMLOutputPane" class="txtSize_10pt"></span>
						<td><input id=btnReturn type="button" value="Return" name="btnReturn"  onClick="subBtnReturn"><!-- .\Scripts\Workflow.vbs --></td>
						<td><input type="button" onClick="window.print()" value="Print"></td>
			<div id="divFooterFull" class="displayHidden">
				  <div id="divFooterContent">
						Developed internally by CAPTAIN AWESOME! (Me)<br>
						<a href="mailto:first.last@*SCRUBBED*.*SCRUBBED*">first.last@*SCRUBBED*.*SCRUBBED*</a><br>
						Phone #<br>
		<!-- HTML content end -->

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Question by:usslindstrom
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Author Comment

ID: 40227639
Relevent code:

Sub Window_onload
	'Subroutine called on each launching of the primary HTML object.  Placeholder for GUI initialization.
	Call subInitGUI '.\Scripts\Core\Init.vbs
End Sub

Sub subInitGUI
	Call subDisplayHTMLContent("divBannerMOTD", "divBannerMOTD,divRoot") '.\Scripts\HTMLOutput.vbs  <-- Display initial banner for end user acknowledgement
 . . .   <More subroutines / functions>
End Sub

Sub subDisplayHTMLContent(strDisplayObjects, strHiddenObjects)
	'Sets html object for display, while hiding all others passed via comma separated value
	If strDisplayObjects <> "" And strHiddenObjects <> "" Then 'Verify passed values are not empty strings
		arrHiddenObjects = Split(strHiddenObjects, ",") 'Split variable to obtain all desired hidden objects
		For Each strHiddenObject In arrHiddenObjects 'Iterate through each value returned
			If strHiddenObject <> "" Then 'Verify returned value is not an empty string
				strHideCmd = strHiddenObject & ".Style.Display = " & fncQuote("None") 'Build dynamic execution command for hiding specific html object
				Execute strHideCmd 'Execute dynamic command
			End If
		arrDisplayObjects = Split(strDisplayObjects, ",") 'Split variable to obtain all desired display objects
		For Each strDisplayObject In arrDisplayObjects 'Iterate through each value returned
			If strDisplayObject <> "" Then 'Verify returned value is not an empty string
				strShowCmd = strDisplayObject & ".Style.Display = " & fncQuote("Inline") 'Build execution command for displaying specific html object
				Execute strShowCmd 'Execute dynamic command
			End If
		Call subBreak '.\Scripts\Core.vbs  <-- Break routine to allow system to update display if required
	End If
End Sub

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Accepted Solution

Gary earned 500 total points
ID: 40227654
VB only works in IE and not in any other browser.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 40227656
Well - crap.

That's it.  Thanks.

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