Migration from Exchange 2010 to 2013 clients pointing to wrong certificate

We migrated a client from SBS 2011 to Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013.  I just uninstalled Exchange 2010 but local clients seem to be using a certificate that is located on the SBS server.  All of the client are using Outlook 2013.  Any suggestions on how to change what certificate these clients use?
FYI OWA access is using the correct certificate.
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MAS EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Technical Department HeadCommented:
Yes. Yo have to create an A record "Autodiscover.externaldomain.com" if you have a forward lookup zone "externaldomain.com" in your DNS server

I suggest you create one forward lookup zone "externaldomain.com" if you dont have one now
MAS EE MVETechnical Department HeadCommented:
Please check IIS is correctly enable on that certificate on exchange2013 server
Make sure autodiscover is pointed to the new exchange server (i,e. exchange2013)
Hope you have certificate installed in the new exchange as well
lahma35Author Commented:
Do I need an a record for auto discover?
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