Slow Mapped Drives over VPN with Watchguard XTM 330 and Cisco RVS 4000.

I have a new watchguard xtm 330 router with a VPN setup with a Cisco RVS 4000 router and I have slow network drive response and can only copy files across the vpn at a max of 270 KB/S.

I dont have a valid warranty on the cisco and therefore cannot get support from them. I tried getting support from watchguard but they are slow to respond and this is a production enviromment and i need to fix this ASAP.

Watchguard was telling me it may have something to do with SMB version 1.0 and 2.0 but i dont beleive that is the case as this speed is way to slow to be acceptable!

Both location have broadband internet connections - 1 is 100MB cogent and the other is 15 MB verizon fios.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:

I have some troubleshooting questions:
what is the up and down stream speed on the FIOS?  Can you post a screenshot of the results?

For shiggles, disable IPS on the RVS4000.  It has been reported in the Cisco forums this can affect throughput.
Try disabling the site to site VPN and confiure an L2TP VPN with your watchguard and test to see if the RVS 4000 is used strictly as an internet router, do you see an improvement in speed?
IT_Field_TechnicianAuthor Commented:
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