Which VPN is free or cheap and works with PCs, Macs, Iphone, Ipad and Androids?

Need a secure VPN connection to our server so remote users can telnet session into our PICK program.

There is probably enough money to buy a VPN or SSL VPN router, but not enough money to buy VPN software for each device.

Thank you,
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
SSL VPN solutions can be very pricey.  My recommendation would be to use RRAS services on Windows Server 2012 and you could use Microsoft Certificate services for authentication.  You could also use DirectAccess feature of Windows Server 2012 which connects seamlessly without initiating VPN connection and is very secure.

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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Open VPN is great and its free and you can you encrypt anyway you like,
you can buy a cheap router even consumer grade, if you're tech savvy, then load it up with ddwrt or openwrt and configure your site to site vpn, it will do that work.

For microsoft its good but you need license. that can become very expensive
Give goldenfrog a try. They offer a nat firewall on top of the vpn service.
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Schuyler DorseyCommented:
The OpenVPN Access Server is only free for up to 2 users. I would NOT use a consumer device in a business setting.

How many users are you talking about connecting? You can get a basic Cisco ASA 5505 with SSLVPN licenses.

Alternatively, you can setup an OpenVPN Access Server.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
I forgot OpenVPN is now licensed, I guess I haven't used it since 2009 :) It used to be free, although the clients still are free, it's the server they charge for, but it's a fair price and you get support, so that's probably a good thing for most folks.
StrongSWAN is free free.
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.strongswan.android
Windows: https://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/strongswan/wiki/Windows#Windows-native-build
Apple: https://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/strongswan/wiki/IOS_%28Apple%29
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
We are primarily are a Mac shop with a Linux server. However we are expanding our remote users with Iphones, ipads, droids etc.

We currently have no windows servers.

Thank you everyone,
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
1. OpenVPN can be deployed on a Linux server.
2. a Cisco ASA has SSLVPN which is compatible with both Windows and Mac I believe.
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
Is Cisco ASA pretty easy to configure? Can I do everything through a GUI interface?

Thank you Schuyler
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
It is easy if you understand networking. It would replace whatever your current router/firewall is.

The sslvpn configuration portion has a wizard that walks you through it.

If you have never worked with one before, it may be ideal to seek out a Cisco partner in your area to deploy it so you can ensure everything is setup correctly from the get-go. Then you can look over the configuration in the GUI to learn the different aspects of it.
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
This is what our rep at PC Conn(*** edited) recommended for us. What do you think?
We would probably start small... a 10 user license would be sufficient in the near term.

Thank you Schuyler,

Okay the base ASA5505-BUN-K9 BUN supports 10 users and 10 VPN tunnels (IP-SEC and/or client).

The L-ASA5505-SEC-PL= license adds unlimited users (anything with an IP address connected to the ASA) and support for up to 25 VPN tunnels (IP-SEC and/or client).

**L-ASA-AC-E-5505=, AnyConnect Essentials VPN License - ASA 5505 (25 Users) licensed per appliance.


**L-ASA-SSL-10=, ASA 5500 SSL VPN 10 Premium User License, true clientless (no app needs to be installed like Essentials).  Licensed per user.
      L-ASA-SSL-10-25=, ASA 5500 SSL VPN 10 to 25 Premium User Upgrade License.  Need to use upgrade skus, can't purchase       QTY 2, L-ASA-SSL-10= for a total of 20.

**Has to Essential or Premium - not both.  2 free premium licenses come with ASA.

L-ASA-AC-M-5505=, AnyConnect Mobile - ASA 5505 (req. Essentials or Premium).  Mobility client to support iPad/Iphones, Androids, etc.
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
The main difference to my knowledge is Prem gives you the ability to do clientless VPN via webvpn and smart tunnels (both all through the browser).
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
Went with Fortigate because it was cheaper than Cisco. Thank you all.
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

I am handsome in real life.
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
Even though you opted for a firewall other than the one recommended, this doesn't mean there were incorrect answers in the thread. There were several recommendations which could be considered answers to OP in this thread and the experts took time to respond.
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