localhost for two web server on window 7

Dear Experts,

After installed XAMPP on window, I can run web server, for example, on browser address bar,type "localhost", xampp index page will  come out.
Today, I installed IIS for asp, now I also work when I type "localhost" , it will go to IIS index page.
But now, xampp is not enabled even I type its port such as localhost:8080

Any issue ? I believe IIS may be not at 8080 so that it should be okay to run two web server
on the same computer if the ports are different , right ?

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Yes its 100% okay as long as they run on different ports.

Try this out
stop IIS,
start xampp

open command prompt with elevated permissions and type netstat -ab look for the ports its running, if its 80, then your configs are not correct.

If you see it on 80 then
Stop the XAMPP server, if it is running already.
Open the file [XAMPP Installation Folder]/apache/conf/httpd.conf.
Now search for the string Listen 80 (I'm assuming that your XAMPP was using the port 80. Otherwise, just search for the string 'Listen'). This is the port number which XAMPP uses. Change this 80 to any other number which you prefer
Then search for the string ServerName and update the port number there also.
Now save and re-start XAMPP server and you are done.
In httpd.conf search for 80 and replace with 8080 which will be the listening and the virtual host lines then you can use http://localhost:8080
But why run IIS and XAMPP - if you need PHP then just install in IIS and remove XAMPP

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duncanb7Author Commented:
since I need to answer some classic asp  and xampp question in EE, any alternative suggested ?
you mean php script can run on IIS on window, right ?

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duncanb7Author Commented:
Great work and fast,thanks for your reply
  IIS is using 80 and I set 80 also for xampp so now it is fixed to 80 and 8001
Last question,php script can run on IIS web server on window, right ?
duncanb7Author Commented:
it is good link and answer  and the points has been graded before your post

Thanks,  ambatihp

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