ping -a resolves to old machine name

When I do a ping -a I get a reply that shows the name of a machine that is not on the network any more.

 I opened DNS and deleted all old machine names/ip addresses that are no longer in use and reloaded the zone.

How can I clean this up so it ping -a resolves to all current machine names.

Server 2003, DNS, DHCP


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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The -a does a reverse lookup.  Did you clean up the reverse zone (the one that contains all of the PTR records) for the subnet?
run command at command sell
-1 C:\connection  netconnections
-2 Click network connection
-3 Click TCP/IPv4
-4 Click advanaced tab
-5 Click DNS tab

Did you clean up DNS IP that is not used ?

cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
Just figured it out but giving you the pints anyway, since your suggestion is correct.
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