getting print of arch on paper?

without getting into real paint, what would be best way to get arch on paper, with quality enough to scan it? any home based simple solutions?

i thought of just a wet foot on paper and then try to dry it and scan it, but not sure how effective.

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Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
Ah, arch of foot.  I came to the question prepared to explain how to create an arch using flexible wood, and tracing the arch... but you are asking about the arch of the foot.  :-)

The wet foot on paper on a paper grocery bag or similar is probably best to capture the arch, but if you're wanting to scan it, I suspect you'll need better contrast.  You can trace around the outline of the foot after it dries to give the scanner more to work with.
The sole of your foot?
Have you tried carefully placing your foot right onto the glass plate of a flatbed scanner?

It goes without saying that you would have to be in such a position that your full weight is already supported so that you are not actually standing on, or putting any body weight on, the glass.

Once you have the scan of the sole of your foot you can load it into an image editor and make it black and white, turn it into a negative, and even make it look like a charcoal or pencil sketch if you have such useful effect installed.  There are quite a few free image editing programs around that have this kind of useful effect.

Another method, if you don't have a scanner at home but have a photocopier at work that can email, is to scan your foot and have it sent as a PDF or image file attachment to your email address.  Adobe Acrobat reader allows you to select an embedded image in a PDF file and copy it out so that you can paste it into an image editing application, or you could just print it.

You could always just photocopy your foot at work and then scan the print-out on a flatbed scanner at home if you don't want greasy marks all over your own glass plate.

Some other artistic ideas:

Make sure your foot is quite sticky and stand on something very smooth and solid like a melamine-covered board.  Tilt it up at an angle and sprinkle some very fine colourful powder onto it so that the powder adhered to the sticky or greasy imprint of your foot and the remainder trickles off, just like fingerprint impressions are taken with metal powder.  Photograph it.  Suggested powders:  curry, turmeric, etc.

Use a profile gauge large enough to take an impression of your foot, place it at an angle where lighting will show up the imprint well, and photograph it, or else dip the tips of the rods in paint and make a "negative" print on paper just like using a potato stamp.  Do a google search for "pin point impression large" or "pin needle art" and you will see the device I'm talking about.  A profile gauge is just a 2-D thing used to get the shape of corners for fitting lino, etc, whereas the thing I mean is a 3-D device.

Bear in mind that if this foot impression is for some orthopaedic use, the foot splays and flattens when the body's full weight is on it.  The impression will be quite different if you don't put weight on the foot.
Here is a photo of a normal arch and a flat arch.

Do you think the one of your subject is either of these or you do not know?
Latex paint can be washed off your hands with water. Easy cleanup.
Get two pieces of thick white poster paper. Apply a coat of say light brown latex house paint (interior or exterior) and with a small roller apply the paint to one of the poster papers. These are thick and the paint will not soak thru to the floor. Before the paint dries, step on it with your foot. Then move over the other poster paper and step on that and apply the pressure you need to get an imprint of your arch.

Once you get the arch imprint you desire, let it dry. Now you have something to use with your scanner,.

Simple water will remove the latex paint from your foot.

Here is a pack of 5 white poster boards at Office Depot for only $3.39. Each one is 11x14 which is almost perfect for one foot. 5 sheets you can do it 5 times until you get the desired result.

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good....take care of your feet....
25112Author Commented:
Thank you much!
Thank you 25112
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