oracle odp run procedure and direct all output from that procedure execution to textbox


I need to run a procedure in Oracle, from a Windows form application created in Visual Studio .Net, but have all output from that procedure execution directed to a textbox in the application.  (I do not wish to use Console mode).  The procedure has exception handling and i would like to capture any exception messages to a textbox.  If you executed the procedure from SQLPLUS in a command window, the messages that would show, is want I would like to capture to the textbox, as an example.  I have looked at Oracle notifications functionality but that does not seem to be usable for my requirement.  Can someone suggest a high level explaination of a method to use or an suggest an article that may describe the method to use.  thanks Barry
Wayne BarrtCEOAsked:
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does the procedure write to dbms_ouput?

if so, you can call the dbms_output package from within your .net app to read that buffer and put the results into your text box.

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Wayne BarrtCEOAuthor Commented:
Hi Sean, no.. i didnt add dbms_output command.  I think that will do the trick.. I will try that.. thanks much for your quick answer and help.  Barry
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Even though you've already selected an answer to this:
I do a lot with ODP and .Net web apps.  If the procedure generates an exception it can be trapped in .Net and handled however you want to handle it.
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Wayne BarrtCEOAuthor Commented:
Hi Slightwv.. thank you for your reply.  I have a new question on using ODP.. I need to create a deployment package for my Windows Form app, including the ODP references and wondering what is the best deployment package to use e.g. WiX or  Install Shield Lite.  I'd like to know can it include and install the ODP references cleanly.  Have you tried using either methods?  I havent started the deployment step but have read some negative reviews of using Install Shield Lite and can incorporate the ODP references.  thanks.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>> Have you tried using either methods?

Unfortunately deployment of .Net apps is outside my area of expertise.  I mainly do back-office web apps and 'deployment' is copying files from the dev box to the Intranet server.

There are some references around that all you really need for ODP to 'work' is 5 of the DLLs copied into the same folder as the app so you really don't need a 'complete install' of ODP.

I've done this once or twice for a couple of console apps and it does work.  Not sure about winforms...

This is the first link I found that talks about the magic 5 files:
Wayne BarrtCEOAuthor Commented:
Thanks much for the feedback.. I'll let you know how i make out..
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